Well-known fast food chain leaves Yola Polastri…

The children’s cheerleader Yola Polastrijoined the fever of the Christmas holidays and being a few hours from the Good night he was encouraged to hold a treat for his dance cast, in order to celebrate and remember the good times they experienced during this year.

However, the choreographer never imagined that her plans would be frustrated because the company fast food to which he requested his order to share, he never showed up to make the delivery, leaving his “little bubbles” without a commemorative dinner.

The television ex-animator did not ignore this uncomfortable moment and expressed her discomfort through her social networks, where she urged her followers to order from the well-known fast food brand because “they do not comply.”

“Kentucky Fried Chicken did not bring my order, they spoke to me until after closing saying that they would bring it, I identified myself, they took note and called a thousand times saying that it was coming. They mocked and ruined the party of the bubbles, the worst thing we were left without eating for believing that he complied“, he said through his Twitter.

Worst fast food restaurant, Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC. She promised to bring and bring and every so often he called saying he was coming. She never brought, it was our Christmas evening, we were going to celebrate and they left us without food. It was for 80 bubbles, 8 offers. Never call, they don’t comply“Polastri finished.

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