What are some famous quotes about Montgomery?

For us, there must be, and should be, some kind of belief in life that occasionally sends us an uplifting message with a sentence, a dream, an expression, or an event.

– Montgomery

Whoever puts on the garment of humility is the most beautiful and handsome person.

Cherish time is like gold, don’t wait until it’s lost before grabbing it, because time won’t stop.

– Montgomery

For us, there must be, and should be, some kind of belief in life that occasionally sends us an uplifting message with a sentence, a dream, an expression, or an event.

– Category: Faith For us, there must be, and there should be some kind of belief in life. It occasionally uses a sentence, a dream, an expression, or an event… – Montgomery

Cherish time is like gold, don’t wait until it’s lost before grabbing it, because time won’t stop.

– Montgomery

For us, there must and should be some kind of belief in life.

– Montgomery

The commander must decide how the good fight should be fought before the war begins, and then decide how to use the troops under his command to act accordingly.

He should have let the enemy run to the beat of his drum from the very beginning, instead of being led by the nose.

A country planning to invade another country must be on the offensive.

– Montgomery

Whoever puts on the garment of humility is the most handsome person.

– Montgomery

An even more glorious page will be added to our glorious history, and the slaves will at last forge sharp swords out of their shackles, and show them to their free brethren.

— Garibaldi For us, there must be and should have some kind of belief in life — it occasionally sends us an uplifting message with a sentence, a dream, an expression or an event .

– Montgomery

The mutual trust between the commander and his troops is invaluable.

– Montgomery

Tears are not the only way to express love, and loyalty is the best proof of love.

If you fall in love with a woman, you can’t fall in love with another woman, just like the gun in my hand, there can only be one crosshair! – Montgomery

Montgomery (méng gē mǎ lì).

Reading “Montgomery”

In the smoke-filled battlefields of World War II, soldiers often saw a general wearing a hat with the emblem of both the general and the armored soldiers. He was Montgomery.

Montgomery was a British field marshal and an outstanding military strategist.

In World War II, he turned the tide of British warfare in North Africa and brought the light of the final victory for the Allies.

Montgomery was born on October 17, 1887. At the age of 8, he attended Harrow School (and Churchill is an alumnus), and at the age of 20, he was admitted to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

In the military school, because of his civilian background, he encountered many setbacks and humiliation, but he endured and worked hard.

Time passed quickly in the busy study, the day of graduation gradually came, and his goal also appeared in front of him, to serve in the army and do a vigorous career! Since then, Montgomery began his brilliant military career.

In his military career, the D-Day was one of his most brilliant masterpieces.

In the war, he successfully used the two tactics of attacking the west and crossing Chencang in secret, which made the Germans panic and defeated Normandy.

Although Britain also encountered many setbacks in the war, Montgomery finally won the war with his unyielding spirit!

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After reading the book “Montgomery”, I feel that the key to Montgomery’s success is his strong belief and determination to do the best he can.

Even a small thing in life, such as: in a horse race, in order to obtain the title of champion, he practiced at all costs.

(He didn’t have the money to buy a good horse, so he had to practice hard to make up for it.) He often practiced until 12 o’clock at night, and he would not give up until the horse was too tired to stand up.

In later races, he also fell twice, but finally got up and continued the race, finally winning the title of champion.

Montgomery was once commented by later generations:

In times of war, be strong and resolute; in times of setbacks, be tenacious and unyielding.

I think that’s the kind of spirit I’m trying to learn.

This also reminds me of my experience of reciting New Concept English: when I was in the third grade, my mother said that reciting New Concept English could improve my English expression and sense of English, so I started to recite New Concept English, and the first few lessons It’s relatively simple, and I can memorize it easily.

But when it was time to memorize the 20th lesson, the article became a bit difficult, and I couldn’t hold on to it anymore, but when I thought that I must learn English better, coupled with my mother’s encouragement, I insisted on memorizing it again! Now I’m still sticking to it, I’ve memorized the second volume! It seems how important it is to have a firm belief and indomitable spirit!

Although Montgomery has passed away, his spirit remains in my heart!

In the volatile 19th century, Italy’s plant kingdom underwent a thrilling change.

This time it was kicked off by the onion head.

From the arrest of his father and the conversation with his father in prison, Onion finds that there are too many injustices in this world, this little boy who dares to uphold justice begins to travel around the country, gathering strength from all directions to fight against the Lemon King, Violent reign of the Countess Cherry and the Tomato Knight.

Although he experienced ups and downs, he finally won the final victory.

Onion originally lived in a harmonious family with his parents and six younger brothers, but the arrival of the Lemon King changed everything.

Here’s the thing: The Lemon King is coming to check on the slum, and the Lemon Soldier finds the Onion family when passing through the village.

They thought that the smell of onions would irritate the king’s nose, so the guard came up with an idea: sprinkle perfume on them.

Just like that, Old Onion got a bad cold.

Later, the Lemon King really came. He asked the poor to stand in a line, because he brought too many people and it was too crowded. The old Onion who had a severe cold fell down suddenly. Who knew that he stepped on the Lemon King with one foot. was sentenced to life imprisonment…

Before leaving, Onion listened to his father’s instructions: learn, make yourself smarter, and try your best to overthrow the violent rule of Lemon King and others! From now on, you can hand over your mother and your brother to Uncle Onion, and you have to buy in and lay the foundation for the overthrow of the Lemon King!

After hearing this, Onion kissed his father and left.

After walking for a few hours, he came to a village, when he met an old man, standing in front of a pile of bricks, with a scowling face.

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Onion headed over to talk to him. It turned out that the old man was Mr. Pumpkin. He was worried about how to build a house with only 118 bricks! Onion helped Mr. Pumpkin build a house with mud, and when the house was built, they went in and took a look.

Suddenly, a big fat man shook the roof and shouted: “Bastard! Bastard! How dare you build a house on our land!” Onion looked at it and saw it was a tomato knight! At this time, Mr. Pumpkin also came out. Tomato Knight grabbed Mr. Pumpkin and said, “Go! Go! Go! This is the Countess Cherry’s dog house!” Onion was very angry, we just built the house How could it be the house where the Countess Cherry kept her dogs? Once again he recognized the injustice of the world.

He said loudly, “Liar! Villain!” Upon hearing this, the Tomato Knight pulled Onion’s hair down in a fit of anger.

But suddenly, the tears of Tomato Knight poured out, like the water of a small river, and she ran out immediately.

Because of this, Onion has made many good friends—Professor Pear, Little Carrot, Master Grape, Uncle Scallion, etc.

In order to buy horses, he often ran to the castle alone, where he met a friend Xiao Cherry who was very helpful to him.

As time goes by, Onion’s team has grown considerably.

Finally one night, Little Cherry called Onion and said, “The castle is empty, come and attack the city!” In this way, Onion rushed over with his troops, and the unprepared Lemon soldiers surrendered one after another. , Little Cherry they successfully occupied the castle.

The Lemon King, the Countess of Cherry, and the Tomato Knight saw that the situation was not good, so they wandered away.

Little Onion finally won the final victory! Justice finally triumphed over evil!

I really admire Little Onion’s courage to uphold justice. He used his bravery and wisdom to bring peace to the country and the comfort of the people! This story also tells us that justice can always defeat evil, and each of us should have the courage to uphold justice, so that our society can be more harmonious and beautiful!

“Read ten thousand books, travel ten thousand miles”, the two should not be neglected.

“This sentence is quoted from the famous Qing Dynasty scholar Qian Yong’s “Lü Yuan Cong Hua”, which has now become a well-known saying.

It tells us that if a person wants to become a learned person, “reading ten thousand books and traveling ten thousand miles” is indispensable.

Reading is the process of research and learning; while doing, is to do it yourself and practice it yourself.

Travel is one of the best ways for us to “walk thousands of miles”.

Travel can not only effectively exercise and stimulate vitality, but also allow us to learn more humanities, historical and geographical knowledge, broaden our horizons, and exercise our independent living, cooperation and interpersonal skills.

Now, I’m going to talk about the thousands of miles I’ve traveled.

In the drizzle, I have been influenced by the strong antiquity of the ancient capital of Xi’an; I have walked in the icy and snowy Shanghai, which has a unique atmosphere; I have tasted the symmetrical Beijing, and the lanterns at night have just come on. ; I once breathed the tranquil Hangzhou, a fresh and refined beauty; I once enjoyed the hot Turpan, ripe and full grapes; I was curious about the beautiful and pleasant Kanas, the charming scenery and the mysterious “lake monster”; I have experienced the colorful peony city of Luoyang, the charm of the blooming Chinese and American flowers; I have traveled in the charming Hainan, the romantic blue sea and golden sands… This journey has intoxicated me again and again.

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Long or short, far or near, they all brought me good memories and moving photos again and again.

Travel not only allowed me to appreciate the beautiful scenery, but also enriched my experience, enriched my knowledge and broadened my horizons.

Traveling is one of the ways I improve my writing.

Every time I go out, I will prepare a pen and paper and take notes as I go.

During the journey, the beautiful things I heard and saw, the interesting and strange things I experienced, the beautiful scenery I traveled, and the stories that happened, all became my writing material.

I recorded these materials without falling into words and processed them into a wonderful travel journal.

Every time I travel, writing a travel journal has become a habit of mine.

It is a pleasure to learn and consolidate all kinds of extracurricular knowledge while writing travel notes happily.

Travel can not only improve my writing level and lay a foundation for the future, but also enrich my vacation life and exercise myself while visiting various places.

As soon as the holidays came, my parents would take me to travel. I, who only liked staying at home, also fell in love with traveling.

When I go out to travel, my parents and I will have more opportunities for cooperation, which is not available at home, and I can get exercise.

Sometimes, overseas tourists will ask you for directions in English. In this way, you can improve your English and get more opportunities to talk with “foreigners”. This is my dream.

In Turpan, the “grape city”, my children in this city tasted the joy of picking for the first time, tasted the grapes they picked, and felt that the taste of the grapes was the sweetest in the world; in Fuhai, Xinjiang, I was happy under the sunset The uncle who was obsessed with finding the crystal, waiting to “snatch” the crystal he found, and then greedily and happily led himself to bend over and struggle for a long time, and finally found the treasure bestowed by nature – a pile of strangely shaped stones. ; My cousin and I held hands, dressed in national costumes, and played like two happy butterflies in the old city of Gaochang; dressed in PLA clothes under the scorching sun, went to Diwozi to experience the life of the PLA; picked cotton and sunflower seeds; I followed the boatman of Bogutongjin to swim back to the West Lake in a relaxed and happy way, and also drew a line drawing on the rickety boat; took pictures of a Korean family in the former residence of Soong Ching Ling; rode the horse quickly and swayed on the back of a camel; wrote the name The red rope of the phoenix cypress was tied to the phoenix cypress to pray for blessings; the photo with the monks, the “meditating” on the lotus platform… These rare experiences have trained me and made me count like treasures.

Travel is the best for us. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, exercising, and stimulating vitality, we can also learn knowledge, broaden our horizons, exercise our abilities, and enrich our experience.

We can also string together a string of good memories.


Jen Montgomery:http://www.diyifanwen.com/tool/gwmrmy/10530057409924217.htm

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