What are the best states to move to? Study Highlights Carolinas

Thousands of people are looking for a place to live, It is not easy to find a home and moving costs a good amount of money, so when choosing, you have to make the best one, but a recent study shows that people prefer to move to the Carolinas as early as 2022.

Las Carolinas are among the favorite destinations of those who are looking for a new home, since they offer various situations and advantages over other states.

according to a United Van Lines studio, The phenomenon that people prefer the Carolinas as a popular destination to live in 2022 is reinforced by data revealed in their study.

The moving company shared the results of its National Study of Removals 2022, which found that much of the inbound migration occurred in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

United Van Lines He said his data found the majority of people are leaving New Jersey, with an outbound migration rate of 67%.

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What was the state that attracted the most residents?

Texas was the top state in attracting new residents, followed by Florida. South Carolina ranked third and North Carolina fourth. Virginia, Tennessee, Arizona, Georgia, Ohio and Idaho rounded out the company’s top 10.

That percentage is below a five-year trend of 70% outbound migration. Wyoming and Pennsylvania they also saw more people move in last year.

What was the primary age range that moved to the Carolinas?

On the other hand, in the study the company said that the Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) and Gen X (born between 1965 and 1980) they moved more than any other age group and citizens 55 and older accounted for more than 55% of all inbound moves last year.

As for why people moved, 35% of new residents wanted to be closer to family, 33% got a new job or a job transfer and 20% moved to retire.

United Van Lines points out that the desire to be close to family is still a top driver post-COVID, just above getting a new job or a transfer.

In fact, almost 31% of all families that moved to North Carolina and South Carolina in 2022 they did it to be closer to their loved ones.

Oregón, Rhode Island, Delaware y Washington, D.C. they were among the top areas welcoming new neighbors in 2022.

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