What are the WORST things about COLORADO? KNOW THIS FIRST

Worst things about Colorado // It’s very easy to talk about all the great stuff about Denver and its surrounding cities, but what about the bad stuff? Anyone can sell you the best, but understanding the bad is also important when choosing a new state to settle in. Pete and Chelsea Sweeney, Your Colorado Real Estate Family, aren’t afraid to talk about the worst things about Colorado. In this video, they’ll talk about growth, cost of living, climate, diversity, and real estate concerns. If Colorado is on your list of best places to live, you should consider this video first! On this channel we discuss everything you need to know about living in Denver Colorado or those surrounding cities! Looking for places to live near Denver? From Lifestyle, Activities, Homes, Real Estate, BEST Neighborhoods to Move to, and anything to do with living in Denver, Colorado, or its surrounding cities, we’ve got you covered! Contact Us: Peter Sweeney (Broker) & Chelsea Sweeney (COO) 📲 303-542-0018 👉🏽 info@yourCOREfamily.com Or visit us on social media: instagram https://www.instagram.com/ yourcoloradorealestatefamily/ Learn more about Denver Colorado Here: https://www.denver.org https://www.denvergov.org/Home https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denver https://www .colorado.com/cities-and-towns/denver https://www.uncovercolorado.com/towns/denver/ https://www.denverpost.com

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