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necessary.the employer must haveprotocol in case of having ayour employee’s heat stroke.Andreas had investigate and weremember what they areRights.andrea>> when I stepped on mymindset. I fainted.and when I woke up I was in thehospital.Andrea: Gustavo suffered a blowof heat during one of hisarrangement working hoursof roofs.>> I made up my mind to continueworking.>> always try to take care of yourselfhe and his employeesinclement heat that each>> very carefully, takeenough water.and try not to>> have chosen to startwork early tofinish before the sunthat’s as intense.especially because, according tostates, the heat on the roof ofa house in the same as in theI usually.>> on the ground there are like 10degrees toAndrea: so I know an ideaat this time thetemperature is 70 and seven.quite a nice morning.but I’m going up next to theSir, I liked the roof and I’m goingto say what temperature it isup thereYou will see it, you already feel the heatup here on the roof. I’m going touse my thermometer to see thetemperature.ace marcando entre 115a 120degrees.ambient is 77 .so that isalmost 20 degrees herethat is why the state ofcalifornia there are rights thatthey protect it if working airlibre.these what you should know. theemployers must firsttrain all employeesand supervisors ondisease preventioncaused by heat.seconds providesenough fresh water foreach employee can drink atminus a quarter of a gaonhour.the third, give access to shadowand encourage employees totake a break torefresh.for at least five minutes.the latter is to develop andimplement proceduresdescribed to meet theprevention standarddiseases caused byheat.something I liked, after hisexperience, make surefollow.even go a stepadvanced.and it is that if you wereasking about his hat,here the answer.the ceiling. because it is veryhot. it has a fan.and it’s sun.

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