What conspiracy theories surround Denver International Airport?

In 1995, the new Denver International Denver Airport (DIA) was built in Denver (USA) on the site of Stapleton airport. However, the fact that the airport has been under construction over the years has given rise to a wide variety of conspiracy theories. Tired of constant denials, the DIA decided to have some fun, first launching their own ad campaign based on popular conspiracy theories, and then installing a talking gargoyle statue at the airport, chatting with passengers and introducing itself. The conspirators, meanwhile, are still struggling and the Internet is teeming with stories of aliens, Illuminati, secret bunkers and reptilians. Here are some of the most popular conspiracy theories surrounding this truly special airport.

Denver International Airport Terminal Interior, Denver, Colorado

Denver conspiracy

Built as a replacement for Stapleton Airport, near Denver in 1995, DIA is always’ rumored. From the beginning, Colorado residents have speculated about secret airport tunnels and horrific harbingers of death “hidden” in art around the Denver transport hub. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help that airport officials are willing to feed wild ideas about Illuminati bunkers and alien connections in their own ad campaigns. “Our CEO, Kim Day, really believes in some conspiracy theories,” Heath Montgomery, senior public relations officer for DIA, told reporters in an interview with the newspaper. Denver Post.

Despite the fact that the airport is mostly making fun of its own eccentric (and sometimes sinister) history, there are a huge number of people in the world who take these nonsense seriously. But why are airport conspiracy theories so hard to combat? In fact, this hardly has much to do with the airport itself. According to popular among modern psychologists point of viewMany people believe in conspiracy theories because of their own desire to find meaning, confidence, security, or to maintain their own self-image.

Denver International Airport under construction. Photo: Courtesy of Denver International Airport

In the case of the airport, there were indeed many questions about its construction, including why the construction was so expensive and took so long. Instead of simple, boring answers, some people find solace in indulging in wild theories – which are undoubtedly more fascinating than any other explanation.

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DIA construction

View of Denver Airport from above

There are many theories about who built Denver Airport. One of the most popular is that the airport was built by the New World Order associated with Nazism (almost like the “hydra” in the Captain America movies). The theory goes so far that its followers claim that the airport runways were purposely built to resemble a swastika from above. In reality, if you look closely at the photos of the runways, the swastika is the last thing that comes to your mind (unless, of course, you are looking for it purposefully). People have also reported “strange” signs on buildings that are believed to be associated with the New World Order as well.

Horseman of the Apocalypse

The famous Denver blue mustang.

The Blue Mustang, also known as the Blucifer, is a nearly 10-meter high fiberglass sculpture by artist Luis Jimenez. In fact, Jimenez was inspired by the Mesteño sculpture from the University of Oklahoma, but sinister events surrounding the sculpture have fueled conspiracy theories for years. For example, the glowing red eyes of a mustang are often associated with the four horsemen of the apocalypse, although the artist wanted to reflect the “wild” nature of the American people. The situation about the circumstances of the death of the sculptor himself, who died two years before the completion of the work, does not help – part of the statue collapsed and damaged an artery in his leg. Since then, people have come up with all sorts of crazy theories about the fiberglass mustang.

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Illuminati headquarters

“Just look what a great place for our meetings,” said the Illuminati.

In addition to the fact that the airport was allegedly built by insane Nazis, there are rumors of many unmarked buildings and underground spaces in the airport grounds. One of the main reasons this conspiracy theory is so popular is that the cost of the airport has cost taxpayers much more than originally thought. The conspirators point out that the Illuminati money was allegedly used to complete the construction in exchange for the ability of members of this secret society to freely use the built-up area.

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Bunkers and underground tunnels

Works of art in the underground train tunnel at Denver Airport. Photo: Courtesy of Denver International Airport

The apocalypse rumor is probably one of the most popular conspiracy theories about the airport. Yes, there are underground tunnels at the airport, including a train that runs between lobbies and a defunct automated baggage system, according to the Spanish The country… But the true nature of the tunnels is believed to be more sinister. The conspirators do not rule out that the tunnels contain underground bunkers (possibly built by reptilians or aliens), which will serve as a safe place for the world elite during the apocalypse.

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