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An appeals court in the United States rejected the application for probation of the only female federal death sentence inmate.

She is the only woman on death row in the United States to postpone her execution, threatening to impact Biden’s abolition

In 2004, Lisa Montgomery strangled a pregnant woman to death in Missouri, and then figured out and kidnapped her baby. If executed, she will become the first federal female prisoner to be truly executed in nearly 70 years.

Montgomery’s execution date was originally set last month, but due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the execution was suspended. Subsequently, the Ministry of Justice changed its implementation on January 12. But Montgomery’s lawyers believe that the date of execution cannot be determined during the suspended period. The court approved the lawyer’s request and prevented the head of the Prison Service from arranging the death penalty for her. But on Friday, a panel of judges concluded that the death penalty was permitted by law.

Montgomery’s legal team said they will submit a petition asking the judge to reconsider their ruling.

According to data from the Death Penalty Information Center, the last woman to be executed by the US government was Bonnie Heidi

. She died in a gas chamber in Missouri in 1953. Federal executions had been suspended for 17 years before President Donald Trump ordered the reinstatement of the death penalty earlier last year. If the remaining executions continue, Trump will become the US president who has approved the most executions in more than a century.

Montgomery’s execution date was only a few days after President-elect Biden took office. As a Delaware senator, Biden has been a fierce supporter of the death penalty for decades. But now he said that once he takes office, he will seek to end federal executions.

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Who is Lisa Montgomery?

In December 2004, according to a press release from the Department of Justice, Montgomery drove from Kansas to the home of Bobby Joe Steinette, Missouri, allegedly to buy a puppy. “As soon as he entered the room, Montgomery attacked and strangled Steinette-she was eight months pregnant at the time-until the victim lost consciousness.”

Montgomery sliced ​​open Steinette’s body and removed the baby. Later, she took the baby and tried to pretend to be her own child.

In 2007, a jury found Montgomery guilty of federal kidnapping and death, and unanimously recommended a death sentence. But Montgomery’s lawyer said that she had been beaten as a child and caused brain damage and was mentally abnormal, so she should not be sentenced to death.

Federal and state executions-what is the difference?

In the US judicial system, there are federal courts at the national level and state courts at the regional level. Certain crimes, such as currency counterfeiting or theft, are automatically tried at the federal level. In addition, this is also true in cases where the parties involved are suspected of violating the Constitution.

A ruling by the Supreme Court in 1972 abolished all death sentences and found it illegal to impose death sentences in the state and the federal government. In 1976, the Supreme Court allowed states to reinstate the death penalty. In 1988, the government passed legislation, and the death sentence was restored in courts at the federal level.

Although the United States currently has 31 states and the federal government can execute the death penalty in accordance with the law. However, in the US trial process, if the prosecution wants the defendant to be sentenced to death, it must be notified in advance and can only choose between the death penalty and the non-death penalty (the sentence cannot be changed during the trial). In other words, if the defendant cannot be sentenced to death, he will often be released in court. In addition, the United States’ jury system requires 100% approval, so the trial rate is extremely high, and it is difficult to be sentenced to death except for criminals (serial killers or terrorists).

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Even if the death penalty can be sentenced, because the trial cycle in the United States is extremely long, it is normal to delay for more than ten years or even decades. People sentenced to death have multiple appeal procedures. Even if the appeal fails in the state courts, they can still appeal to the federal courts in accordance with the “right of habeas corpus” in the US Constitution. During the period, death row prisoners can also appeal to the president or the governor for administrative intervention, announcing a suspension of execution, commutation or direct amnesty, etc. Coupled with the protracted and costly appeal procedures of both the state courts and the federal courts, the cost has exceeded two or three times the execution of life imprisonment. Therefore, instead of choosing the death penalty and directly sentenced to life imprisonment, it is often the first choice of the prosecutors.

According to data collected by the Death Penalty Information Center, between 1988 and 2018, 78 people were sentenced to death in federal cases, but only 3 were eventually executed.

On July 14, 2020, 17 years later, the United States executed a death row prisoner by injection for the first time. The prisoner killed a couple and their 8-year-old daughter in 1996. Lisa Montgomery is the only woman on death row in the United States. If executed, she will become the first female death row sentenced by the federal government in nearly 70 years.

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The favorite of the Democratic Party, all kinds of criminals. Murder, rape, theft, and smuggling are all protected by the Democratic Pig Party.

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This article is wrong. General criminal judgments are the responsibility of the state-level courts. Death sentences imposed by the state courts cannot be appealed to the federal courts. The federal courts have no power to overturn the death sentences imposed by the state-level courts. The cases that can be appealed to the Federal Court are cases governed by federal law. In this article, the defendant was sentenced to death by the Federal Court because her crime was an interstate crime, which is applicable to federal law, and the final judgment was made by the Federal Supreme Court.

What about the rights of victims? The Democratic Party wants to abolish the police, the prosecutors indulge criminals, the courts do nothing, and they are not allowed to use guns to protect themselves. Where are the human rights of ordinary Americans?

Hehe, the Pig Party must not execute the death penalty on this criminal who deserves to be killed.
As soon as this case opens, the criminals of the Pig Party who have gone to Lolita Island will have no way to survive.

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