What if God gave us the opportunity to realize one of HIS dreams? from Louisiana Michel – Text Message

We are in 2022 and the first month of the year is coming to an end.

Have you ever felt this: a thing, a voice or a presence, lurking inside our heart that constantly burns, rings and trumpets this word “freedom”. This stranger is however so noisy that she wants to get out of there to exist.

We are then filled with good intentions, but our impulsiveness sometimes leads us away from the right path. Without really knowing the identity of this voice, we can begin to undertake many projects without consulting the one who created us.

He who cultivates his field is filled with bread, but he who pursues vain things is meaningless. Proverbs 12.11

Then, as the days go by, we run out of steam, we run too much, we fail and nothing we try comes to life.

We then begin to choose sadness as a pet. We open the door to Madame Frustration then we have dinner late at night with Madame Down to Earth…

Our house, which was so brilliant at the start, filled with such ardor (to chase after a thousand dreams), finds itself in bad company and yet very empty.

Man forms many plans, but it is the purpose of the Eternal that is accomplished. Proverb 19.21

It is then that in the darkness of our failures, a light sparkles. This presence reminds us that it is always there waiting for “freedom”. We realize that this prisoner desire inside us was not the fruit of our will, but rather the dream of God which sounded and proclaimed:

God has a dream, and he wants YOU to make it happen!

For we are his workmanship, having been created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God has prepared beforehand, that we may do them. Ephesians 2.10

Realizing God’s dream for us is a real quest of which we are the heroes. We must hear the call, understand it through confirmations and finally follow it. The hardest part of this quest is not waiting or finding your dream, because it reveals it to each of us at the right time.

For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. Matthieu 7.8

No, the hardest thing is to obey when he finally opens the door to this dream. To obey while in us, everything goes crazy. God’s vision is great and we are small. We are weak beings and often lack human skills when he calls us to accomplish it. But in his eyes, we are perfect. There is a popular quote that says: “When God sends, he provides, he equips”…

Just look at Moses. As I like to say so much, he had language issues and God didn’t see his weakness as a problem. He wanted him to speak and glorify him through his human limit. Moses certainly negotiated, but he answered yes to God’s dream. He had this desire to obey despite his difficulties. So God, in his great goodness, granted him his brother Aaron the Levite, to speak in his place.

He will speak for you to the people; it will serve as your mouth… Exodus 4.16

It’s all about obeying and fulfilling the dream God has for us, no matter the size or cost. He who is above the universe, greater than anything imaginable, is with us. So, I encourage you to move toward the goal as the month of February presents itself. Let’s go together, knock on the door while we are ready to do everything possible to fulfill his dream for us.

The Eternal himself will walk before you, he himself will be with you. He won’t leave you, he won’t forsake you. Don’t be afraid and don’t let yourself be frightened. Deuteronomy 31.8

A prayer for today:


I need you to live this year as you want.

I want to live the dream you have for me.

want to leave the past behind and look ahead,

where you look at me, where you wait for me.

I have many plans, but it is you who carry out your will in my life.

I promise, Lord, to do my best to obey you and move forward despite the fear.

I know you are with me every day and I keep that promise close to my heart.


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