What is the Ring of Fire, a phenomenon that would generate earthquakes in Mexico

After the last two earthquakes in Mexico magnitude 7.7 and 6.9 that were generated on September 19 and 22, various questions began to be raised about why it is constantly shaking in the Mexican Republic.

After these questions, many people began to point out that everything is due to the so-called Ring of Fire or Pacific Ring of Fire, which could affect the generation of earthquakes in 40 countries on the planet.

What is the Pacific Ring of Fire?

According to scientific journals, the Fire belt it is a region 40 thousand kilometers long in which several oceanic plates are sliding under the continents of Asia and America.

Its range extends from New Zealand to the west coast of South America, through the beaches of East Asia and Alaska, and those of northeastern North and Central America.

“In this area there is a very high seismic and volcanic activity,” reads an article published in GeoEncyclopedia.

Experts point out that this terrestrial dynamic causes that in the subduction zones, formed by two tectonic plates that come together, a seismogenic zone is generated capable of causing the

of greater magnitude than Tierra.

The Ring of Fire is also known asthe cradle of earthquakes”, since it generates 90% of the seismic activity, in addition to the fact that it concentrates 75% of the active volcanoes throughout the planet.

It is worth noting that in the last few hours several Internet users began to speculate about the activation of the Ring of Fire, however, at the moment no scientist or specialist has confirmed this theory that began to be formulated on social networks.

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With information from GeoEncyclopedia.

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