What Sparked the Police Chase That Led to the Brutal Crash – NBC Denver

COLORADO – Authorities reveal new details regarding the ongoing investigation into the accident 20-year-old Yarenis Ríos González suffered when she was struck by a train while handcuffed inside a police patrol car north of Plateville, Colorado.

A new police report regarding the events that occurred before the accident has come to light. The report indicates that officers detained the young woman after an unidentified man called 911, alleging that Ríos González pointed a gun at him during an alleged road rage incident.

The man also points out that Yarenis apparently pointed the gun at him for about 10 seconds.

In the affidavit, the police say that they found a weapon in the young woman’s car, however, why they left her on the train tracks when she was arrested is still under investigation by the authorities.

Ed Obayashi a law enforcement officer in California who reviews internal investigations across the country. He notes that the lack of detail does not surprise him.

Obayashi adds that the officers were probably advised not to incriminate themselves, especially when investigating potential criminal charges.

The district attorney has not yet announced whether Ríos González will face charges in the road rage case.

There are multiple ongoing investigations in this case: the first for the alleged road rage incident and another for the collision.

Legal experts consulted point out that since this accident is under a separate review, that could be another reason why the report does not speak in detail about the actions of the officers on the train tracks.

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