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Vladimir Putin traditionally addressed the Russians on New Year’s Eve. He spoke about the coronavirus test, about the unity of the people, about the 75th anniversary of Victory, about the doctors and the military who celebrated the New Year on duty and service. I wished everyone happiness, health and love. For those who missed, did not listen to the end or did not understand what the president wanted to say, we present his appeal in full.

“2020 ends in just a few minutes. Meeting him exactly a year ago, you and I, like people all over the world, of course, thought and dreamed of good changes. Then no one could have imagined what trials we all would have to go through.

And now it seems that the outgoing year has contained the burden of several years. It was difficult for each of us, with anxiety and great material difficulties, with worries, and for someone – with the bitter loss of loved ones, loved ones.

But, of course, the outgoing year was also associated with hopes of overcoming adversity, with pride in those who showed their best human and professional qualities, with the awareness of how much reliable, sincere, true relationships between people, friendship and trust between us mean. …

We passed this year together, with dignity, as befits a single people who honor the traditions of their ancestors. These values: courage, responsiveness and mercy are in our hearts, in our character and actions.

We look up to our dear veterans, to the valiant generation that defeated the infection of Nazism. In spite of everything, we have fulfilled our sacred filial duty – with gratitude and appreciation we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory.

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Yes, a new dangerous virus has changed, turned upside down the usual way of life, work, study, forced to reconsider, adjust many plans. But the world is so arranged that trials are inevitable in it.

They encourage us to look more closely at life, listen to our conscience, discard the petty, vain and truly appreciate the most important. And this is the gift of human life, this is a family, our mothers and fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers, these are our children – still babies and already matured, these are our friends and colleagues, disinterested help and the general energy of good deeds – large-scale, for the whole country, and small , within the district, streets, houses, but no less significant.

Trials and troubles must pass. It has always been that way. And the main thing remains with us, everything that makes us noble and strong: love, mutual understanding, trust and support.

Therefore, I would like to wish that the difficulties of the outgoing year would quickly sink into oblivion. And everything that we have gained, all the best that has been revealed in every person, will definitely stay with us forever.

Today it is very important to believe in ourselves, not to retreat in the face of difficulties, to preserve our unity, this is the basis of our common success in the future.

I am convinced that together we will overcome everything, establish and restore normal life and with renewed vigor we will continue to address the challenges facing Russia in the coming third decade of the 21st century.

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Not everyone is at the New Year’s table now. There are still many people in hospitals, and I’m sure they all feel supported by their family and friends. With all my heart I wish you, my dears, to overcome the disease and return home as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the epidemic has not yet been completely stopped. The fight against her does not stop for a minute. Doctors and nurses, ambulance crews continue to work courageously. Many of them are on duty this festive night.

The emergency services personnel, our servicemen in hot spots outside Russia, our peacekeepers and combat crews of the army and navy are also tirelessly, with high responsibility performing the most difficult tasks.

Thanks to all who carry out their ministry day and night, under any circumstances are at the post, the citizens of Russia can calmly gather today at their homes with their loved ones; with the hope for the best and with plans for the future to meet the New Year, to make secret desires.

Dear friends! Let us in these moments dream about the brightest, about peace and prosperity, about happiness and joy for everyone who is near, who is dear to us, for our entire country.

I want to say thank you to each of you, because we are together. And when we feel the reliable elbow of the people standing nearby, Russia becomes one big family.

I sincerely wish you all good health, faith, hope and love, as close and dear people. I wish you happiness in the new, upcoming, 2021! Happy holiday, dear friends! ” – President Vladimir Putin said to the Russians in his New Year’s address.

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