What The Windsors Read: Favorite Books Of Elizabeth II And Other Members Of The Royal Family

All members of the British royal family are well educated and read good books. So it’s hard to find better recommendations than a selection of princes and princesses!

With the subscription book service MyBook, we’ve looked at what the Windsors are reading and have compiled this list – especially for the winter break.

Elizabeth II – “Stormy finish”. Dick Francis

It’s no secret that Queen Elizabeth II adores horse racing. Therefore, one of her favorite authors is former jockey Dick Francis, who once competed on the Queen Mother’s horse. Such are the family ties! After completing his career, Francis began to write excellent detective stories, the plot of which is always connected in one way or another with horses. The Queen has repeatedly noted that “Stormy Finish” is one of her favorite books. The protagonist is a young aristocrat who works for a horse transportation company. One day he begins to notice the machinations of the owner of the company – from financial inconsistencies to much more serious crimes …

Prince Philip – Empire’s End by Christopher Bunch

Prince Philip reads a lot. The paparazzi more than once managed to photograph him during his next trip with a book in his hand. One of Philip’s favorite novels is the military science fiction saga The End of an Empire, which takes place in the distant future. The main character of the novel raises a desperate rebellion to overthrow the Eternal Emperor and give people freedom. At the same time he will have to unravel the secret of the immortality of the cruel dictator. And, of course, fight a lot of enemies.

Kate Middleton – Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery

In an interview, Kate Middleton said that from childhood she adored the books of the Canadian writer Lucy Maud Montgomery. Favorite heroine of the Duchess of Cambridge is the brave girl Anne Shirley. She is incredibly optimistic and self-sufficient, despite all the blows of fate, wandering around orphanages and foster families … The touching story of “Anne of Green Gables” will appeal to both teenagers and adults, because there are many “layers” in the book. Here is an interesting plot telling about Ann’s adventures, and not at all childish search for herself. And most importantly – the desire to remain a good person when there is so much suffering and cruelty around.

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Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

Another favorite Kate writer is the classic of English literature Jane Austen. Still would! What girl hasn’t been inspired by Austin’s witty, quick-witted and freedom-loving heroines? Sense and Sensitivity is about the two Dashwood sisters. Each of the girls is in love with a guy, according to their character. One suffers in silence and prefers not to express emotions. But the other one does not hide her feelings and constantly writes love letters to the chosen one. Each of the sisters is beautiful in her own way, and each of them will be happy. After a series of tests, of course.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte – “Gruffalo” by Julia Donaldson

Prince William personally met with the writer Julia Donaldson at one of the events. He told her that Guffalo, co-authored with the talented illustrator Axel Scheffler, was his children’s favorite reading. Prince George and Princess Charlotte love this fairy tale about a mouse traveling in a mysterious forest. He tries to escape from predators, but soon meets the most terrible beast – the Guffalo monster, which everyone is talking about. Or is he really not that scary?

Prince Charles – book series Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Not everyone knows that Prince Charles writes children’s books. For example, Charles composed the fairy tale “The Old Man from Lochnagar”, while still very young, for his younger brothers Andrew and Edward. The prince said more than once that he loves fairy-tale plots and voraciously read all the books about Harry Potter. How we understand it! J.K. Rowling managed to create a whole world to which one wants to return again and again. Well, what child or adult does not dream of being at Hogwarts school for at least one day?

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Megan Markle – “Four agreements. Toltec Book of Wisdom “Don Miguel Ruiz

Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle loves motivational literature. Among the books that changed her attitude towards life, Megan notes “Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, a Mexican thinker and philosopher. He tried to adapt the ancient teachings of the Toltec Indian people to modern realities and came up with the “four agreements”. These are a kind of commandments that must be followed in order to gain freedom and happiness. It turned out interesting and convincing! By the way, for more than 10 years this book was on The New York Times bestseller list.

Where’s My Cheese? By Spencer Johnson

On her lifestyle blog The Tig, Meghan talked about the book Where’s My Cheese ?, which made a huge impression on the Duchess of Sussex. Spencer Johnson gives an understandable metaphor: “cheese” is all the goods and values ​​that a person tries to achieve during his life. And the mice are all of us, constantly running in the maze in search of cheese. The author tells how to finally break out of this labyrinth, not stand still, set goals correctly and understand what you really need and what is imposed by society.

Camilla Parker Bowles – The Chronicle of the Kazalet Family by Elizabeth Jane Howard

The Duchess of Cornwall Camilla reads a lot since childhood. Therefore, her recommendations are definitely worth listening to! In the spring of 2020, at the height of the pandemic and the isolation regime, Camilla decided to share with the British a list of her “dear friends”. This is what she calls her favorite books. Among them is the large-scale saga of Elizabeth Jane Howard, which fascinatingly tells the story of several generations of the same family before and after World War II. Difficult fates, true love and such different characters … Camilla says that this is the series of books she would take with her to a desert island!

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A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

If you think that you need to get acquainted with Dickens’s work in adolescence, then you are deeply mistaken! On Camilla’s advice, read the novel A Tale of Two Cities. The main character, an employee of a bank office, travels from England to France during the Great French Revolution. He has to tell his client’s daughter important news – her father, who was believed to be dead, is actually alive! Very exciting!

“Red notebook, or Parisian quest” Cherchez la femme “, Antoine Lauren

Not just English literature! The Duchess of Cornwall called this novel “a masterpiece of Parisian perfection.” It is worth reading to everyone who wants to be in France now with all its charm and flavor. Laurent, the owner of a bookstore in Paris, one day finds a lost woman’s bag. There is nothing in it that would help to find the owner. Among the little things like perfume and lipstick, Laurent discovers a red notebook, begins to read it and realizes that she needs to find a stranger at all costs!

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