What to eat and see at the venues of the next Soccer World Cup 2026

The FIFA Soccer World Cup 2026 It will be a unique edition, because for the first time in historythe headquarters will be in three different countries: Mexico, Canada and the United States. With this official announcement that was broadcast live from New York, the countdown began to relive the excitement of the Soccer World Cup. Therefore, for you to start with your plans, we share a list of essentials for eat and visit in each of the 16 cities which will be headquarters Photos: Unsplash and Pixabay.

Of the 22 candidate cities that competed to be part of the FIFA Soccer World Cup in four years, 12 from the United States will host it. They also joined Vancouver and Toronto, in Canada; Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, In our country. Here we tell you what are the unpredictable cities that will host the next Soccer World Cup 2026, and that They are out of Mexico.

Map of the host cities of the FIFA World Cup 2026

List of essentials in the venues of the 2026 Soccer World Cup

Atlanta: Southern-style barbeque ribs, a classic for carnivores. In it DaddyZ’s restaurant share an experience of southern barbecue and sometimes they have ribs that are in season like lamb and turkey. What to see? Unmissable are the Atlanta History Center, Aquarium, and Museum of Arts.

Boston: Traveling to Boston and forgetting to eat a lobster roll It’s a real tragedy for any glutton, Well, it’s an improved version of the classic hotdog. Among all the many activities and attractions that exist in Boston, we recommend you make a stop at the Boston Opera House.

Dallas: You must try the cuts of meat that are usually smoked in a very Texas style. This destination is perfect to go with the family because you can visit Legoland, Six Flags and the Zoo. Do you dare to go before the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2026?

Houston: Here we share an itinerary of our trip to Houston. Find out! Our must-see: La Carafe, the oldest bar in the city. By the way, visit the Market Square, in the historic district of the city.

Kansas City: Everyone has a favorite restaurant where they serve best ribs in kansas cityHence our recommendation is not to miss them. To enjoy the city like a local, visit the Blue Room, one of the most famous nightclubs in the historic corridor.

The Angels: This destination is much more than Hollywood. But, if you are going for the first or fifth time, we recommend you go to the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. try the French dip beef sandwich with peppersonion and cheese.

Miami: Here, The Latin vibe is intense, so there is a bit of everything, especially art in this vibrant city.. Los Miami Culinary Tours they will take you to taste the multicultural flavors of this destination.

NY: Bagel de pastrami, hot dog and Coney Island, Lobster at Chelsea Market, cheesecake, ice cream and pretzels. It’s hard to visit this metropolis without wanting to eat everything! Don’t miss Broadway and The Rockefeller Foundation.

New York venue for the 2026 FIFA World CupNew York venue for the 2026 FIFA World Cup

Philadelphia: Don’t miss the Hoagie!A sandwich filled with cold meats such as prosciutto, sopressata, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, oregano, olive oil and vinegar. Go to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, where the United States Constitution was adopted.

San Francisco: Visit the Alcatraz prison and then head to try a clam chowder. Get excited too on a tour of bakeries and cafes in the city. After a 2026 FIFA World Cup match, try beers at one of the city’s craft breweries.

Seattle: Seafood, shellfish and more shellfish. Due to its location in the world, here you will find many very fresh. Don’t miss out on a hiking trail on Mount Rainier. This way you will maintain the sporting spirit of the 2026 FIFA World Cup!


Vancouver: It is the third largest city in Canada and its proximity to the sea, both things, cause its gastronomy is multicultural. On each visit to Vancouver we recommend you schedule a day of hiking.

Toronto: Get on the CN Tower which is 1815 meters highand after walking on the glass floor, and strapping on the harness to walk the edge of the building, eat in your haute cuisine restaurant. Which of these cities do you want to visit in the next FIFA World Cup 2026?

Toronto is one of two host cities selected by FIFAToronto is one of two host cities selected by FIFA

Remember that Guadalajara, Mexico and Monterrey They will also host the 2026 FIFA World Cup!

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