What to eat at Chicken chill, the new fast food chain from the owners of the Kentucky pizzeria

It specializes in fried chicken and competes with the American KFC with combos at “friendly” prices.

We are used to seeing American firms serving fried chicken seize the young audience who love that style of fast food. Chicken chill, the new fast food chain of Kentucky pizzeria owners, arrived to break that paradigm and intends to do so with a new proposal, right in the center of Buenos Aires: pocket friendly fried chicken combos.

Chicken is an ingredient that usually takes center stage in times of crisis. The formula is a winner: it is rich, versatile and economical. From the company DG -developer of the brand- they know the potential of this product and, analyzing the current economic situation, they present an anti-crisis proposal: the combos start from $520.

We aim at a massive audience competing with aggressive prices in an ideal context to do so”, explains Francisco Bazán, DG’s marketing manager.

Chicken Chill is an Argentine fried chicken proposal. Photo: Chicken Chill.

Chicken Chill’s first location is located at Corrientes 1201Libertad corner and arrives to fight KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), the fried chicken chain that was born in Kentucky, United States but established in Argentina a few years ago.

“In hamburgers and pizzas there are brands already installed and with diverse proposals, on the other hand, chicken does not have so many alternatives for that reason We project by the end of 2023 to have 10 more storesBazan says.

This launch is part of the company’s expansion strategy. The main bet is the Kentucky pizzeria chain, which will add 15 branches. The group has other recent openings: among the most resonant, the local Sbarroan American pizzeria chain that landed in downtown Buenos Aires last year.

The Chicken Chill location on Corrientes and Libertad.  Photo: Chicken Chill.

The Chicken Chill location on Corrientes and Libertad. Photo: Chicken Chill.

Another of your brands Dandyadded a new branch in Devoto and also opened the pizzeria Sunny in the same gastronomic center. Also, recently presented “Rebelde By Kentucky”, a more relaxed pizza proposal that bets on the new generations, in Palermo.

What can you eat at Chicken Chill

The main course is the chicken sandwich which is presented fried or grilled, both options vary in price according to their components.

Chicken Chill's chicken sandwich.  Photo: Chicken Chill.

Chicken Chill’s chicken sandwich. Photo: Chicken Chill.

Within the menu there are dishes like the classic Chicken crispy which is served with tomato, lettuce and American cheese ($470), the Bacon grill, which is a grilled chicken sandwich with bacon and cheddar cheese ($610) or, the most daring palates, can choose to enjoy a Crispy slaw , with crispy fried chicken, coleslaw and pickles ($580).

For those who prefer to snack there is Chicken popcorn, a plate of small fried chicken bites ($300). They also have slightly healthier options like wraps ($510) or Caesar or Chicken Grill salads (starting at $530).

For an extra $70 you can dress these dishes and the sandwiches with special sauces: barbecuechickenchill sauce -the house special-, honeymustard and sweet and spicy -for lovers of spiciness-.

Chicken Chill salads.  Photo: Chicken Chill.

Chicken Chill salads. Photo: Chicken Chill.

To these options you can add French fries for $180: if cheddar is added, it costs $250 and if the potatoes are added with cheddar and bacon, the additional amount becomes $290.

For those with a sweet tooth who need to end lunch or dinner with a sweet bite, at the local They offer desserts like brownies, mousse, and red velvet (starting at $350).

When it comes to drinking there is a surprising proposal: there is a drinks bar on the premises -unusual for a fast food- where they serve classics such as gin and tonic ($550), Fernet with cola ($500), orange vodka ($600) or Campari with orange ($550). The beer is served in chopps and there is a Stella Artois and Patagonia brand. The proposal is accompanied by soft drinks and water.

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