What to read during the New Year holidays: Top books for all ages

The current “hit parade” was prepared by the staff of the National Library of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) according to the library
electronic, which is now much preferable in terms of security, even for those who like to rustle the pages.

It contains fiction, scientific literature, both in Russian and in Yakut. This we mean that one should not be surprised to find in it a publication on morphology. But if you are not a hunter of this kind of reading, you can skip morphology. Go!

1. Alexander Yakovlev

“Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you.”

2. Nikolai Luginov
“Taas tumus.”

3. Lilia Ustinova
“Tap again.”

4. Antonov N.K., Korkina E.I., Sleptsov P.A., Filippov G.G. et al.
“It simply came to our notice then. Morpoluoguya ».

5. Galina Nelbisova
“Ohuordaah syttykpar en suohhun…”

6. Varvara Koryakina
“Legends of the old city: mystical stories about the secrets of Yakutsk.”

7. Vladimir Pesterev
“The history of Yakutia in persons”.

8. Dmitry Mikhailov (Trimid) “Scary stories of Yakutia”. Issue 1,
“Scary stories of Yakutia. Legends of Yakutsk “.

9. Nikolay Vasiliev
“History of Yakutia” (from ancient times to 1917).

10. Semyon Maisov
«Iyem kepsiir…»

11. Fedor Kolosov
“Dikti capseenner, sehenner uonna uhuyeenner.”

12. Anastasia Syromyatnikova
“Albyn syippara.”

13. Anatoly Gogolev
“History of Yakutia”.

14. Boris Neustroev-Mandar Uus
“Saha oyuuta-bichige. Sakha Patterns and Ornaments ”.

15. Elena Kuznetsova
“Boruk-soruk: a complete capsicum.”

16. Tamara Petrova
“The beard of truth is yellow.”

17. Tatiana Nakhodkina
“The whole world is in turmoil.”

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18. Svetlana Petrova
“Traditional clothes of the Yakuts of the 17th-19th centuries. Symbols and semantics “.

19. Semyon Popov-Samen Tumat

20. Vasily Illarionov
“The epic legacy of the Sakha people.”

What do we have for teenagers?

1. J. Rowling. A series of books about Harry Potter published by “Rosman” – just his, and no nails! The first translation is like first love.

2. JRR Tolkien The Lord of the Rings. The saga of Middle-earth is perfect for the New Year holidays.

3. In an honorable third place – the whole team: the publishing house “Pink Giraffe” with the series “This is a book!”, Which included: Boyes K.F. “Space”; Bouyer R. “It’s all because of Mr. Terrant”; Palacio R. J. “Miracle«; Sashar Louis “Pits«; Smith Roland “The Peak”; Rebeck’s Stead “The Spy and the Liar”.

In short, they talk about fathers and children and invisible (occasionally visible) tears to the world.

4. John Green “The Fault in Our Stars”. A story about teenagers and love that does not conquer death. Or does it win?

5. Antoine Saint-Exupery “The Little Prince” (and not so long ago there was a translation of the legendary book into Yakut by Elena Sleptsova-Kuorsunnaakh – “Kyra Tygyn”).

6. Lewis K. “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” The famous “Chronicles of Narnia” begins with this book, and appetite, as you know, comes with eating: just start, do not stop until you have read all the “Chronicles” from cover to cover.

Those who still grow and grow before the multivolume sagas and series have their own mini-top:

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1. Sven Nordqvist. A series of books about Petson and his kitten: “Name Pie”, “Petson Goes Camping”, “Trouble in the Garden”, “Christmas at Petson’s House”, “Stranger in the Garden”, “Petson is Sad”.

2. Roald Dahl and his series “Fairy Tale Factory”: “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Charlie and the Big Glass Elevator”, “Pigs”, “Witches”.

3. Eno Raud “Muff, Polbootinka and Mokhovaya Beard” – this fairy tale was once read by the young generation of the most reading country in the world, and now even the most reading republic cannot tear itself away!

4. Vladimir Suteev and his fairy tales “Under the Mushroom”, “Fishing Cat”, “Chicken and Duckling”, “Who Said” Meow “?”, “Capricious Cat”, “Apple” with illustrations by the author are also the legacy of the USSR.

5. And “Deniskin’s stories” by Viktor Dragunsky hails from the Soviet Union.

6. Alexander Volkov and his “Wizard of the Emerald City” are loved in our country more than their “primary source” – “The Wizard of Oz” by Frank Baum, and it has always been so.

7. Nikolay Nosov “Fantasies”. Forever these Mishka and Stasik will invent something!

8. Astrid Lindgren “Pippi Longstocking” and “The Kid and Carlson Who Lives on the Roof.” Many then even go to Sweden to fall, so to speak, to the origins. Although now, of course, one can only dream about it, but a pandemic is not forever.

9. Valentina Oseeva “The Magic Word”. Acquaintance with the author of “Dinka” and “Vaska Trubachev” usually begins just like that. But you and your baby (or kids) can start with another story, of which Oseeva has a lot.

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Enjoy reading!

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