‘What Trump Said Was Racist’: Our Special Envoys to Meet Biden Voters in Arizona

It’s a new day that dawns in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona. The city woke up in the aftermath of the presidential elections not tinged with red but rather democratic blue. Ultra tight elections. There are 3,333,829 voters in Arizona. And if Joe Biden won it with just 10,475 lanes ahead, it is undoubtedly thanks to the Latino community.

To see the influence of this community, just take a stroll through the streets of Phoenix, which has nearly 30% of Latinos. Men, women, voters who have shifted the state to the Democratic side here.

“Trump was too hard on us”

A young woman tells our journalists that she voted for Biden “for his beliefs and what he wants to achieve”. “I’m a Democrat, so Biden”, another said. “Biden! I think he will do much better than Trump”, throws a third. “Of course Biden. I’m an immigrant and Trump was too hard on us,” explains a young man.

Biden darling of Latinos? Confirmation with this man.

Damian Preciado, Democrats’ vice president for Arizona state, became involved in politics after Trump’s victory.

Can we say that the votes of the Latino community actually allowed Joe Biden to become president?

“100% safe. It’s a fact. To be honest, all communities and all age groups are important. I am thinking of black community votes, Latino votes, American Jews. They are all important. And if you separate these different communities, we Democrats probably wouldn’t have won. We are the coalition party. “

Our journey continues with a second meeting. At the heart of Mexican culture, of these new American citizens.

“4 very good years for Latinos”

Rosa Pastrana is in charge of a Mexican wrestling association. Biden elected, it was the Christmas present before its time.

“I’m so happy because now there will be 4 very good years for Latinos. He’s much better for us. Donald Trump didn’t like us. What he said was racist. He kept attacking us. . “

And when it comes to attack, she knows it all. We find her in a residential trailer for her wrestling training. Colorful dressing session, then head to the ring set up at the back of the garden.

Rosa pastrana, known as “matador”. It is his sporting nickname has a message for the future president.

“Biden, Harris… I invite you to support us, to support Mexican wrestling, to help us to obtain infrastructures in all the cities… Please”.

In Spanish, Mexican wrestling is called “lucha libre”. But here in Phoenix, there is an association that is also called Lucha and is leading a political fight. The one to elect Joe Biden.

Image source: Lucha

The Lucha association, deeply involved in the election

They campaigned, rang the bell, telephoned. The Lucha association has existed for 10 years but for the first time, it got involved body and soul for an election. Alejandra Gomez is the co-founder of this organization. Their vote made the difference.

“We had shifts with over 5,000 volunteers. That’s how many people felt involved and wanted the Trump administration to shut down.”

“Did you do the Democratic Party’s job?”, asks Loic Parmentier. “We couldn’t afford to wait for the Democrats to call us. We had to get involved in the campaign ourselves, emphasizes Alejandra Gomez. Today 2020 is a year of celebration. The communities of color made the difference. “

The sun is setting over Arizona. A sometimes arid land except when it comes to the commitment of these inhabitants. Arizona chose Joe Biden as its future president.

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