What usually happens with lost baggage

Losing luggage while flying can be a problem for many, although some do not even try to track down their lost suitcase.

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In the state of Alabama, USA, there is the Unclaimed Baggage Center, which sells missing travelers’ belongings.

The store is filled with items taken from tens of thousands of suitcases, backpacks, and duffel bags that were lost on commercial flights across the United States.

Airlines are legally obliged to return items to the owners within 90 days, but if the owner is not located, the baggage is sent to the small town of Scottsboro, where the unclaimed baggage center is located.

Items are lost so often that there are usually about 1 million items for sale in the center, and 7,000 new items appear in the store every day.

Sometimes valuable things can be found in a suitcase. So, in one of the suitcases a diamond bracelet worth £ 30,000 was found.

However, the store’s record was a £ 50,000 Rolex watch that was found and sold a few years ago.

Also, one customer bought a vase for £ 65, but found that it was actually worth £ 15,000.

Another bought a piece of art for £ 45, which he then resold for £ 20,000.

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