What would the most exotic version of the Ford Mustang look like?

The seventh generation of Ford’s most iconic model is about to hit the streets so it can be driven by fans. However, one of the strangest versions of this car that has passed through different generations and achieved unprecedented success had been known some time ago. Although it is one of the most radical versions, it would not be unreasonable to think of it as real. Then swipe to meet her.

January 2, 2023 09:46 a.m.

The Ford The most anticipated and longed for by all is coming soon, we just have to wait a little longer. The seventh generation of one of the “Muscle Cars” par excellence is on its way and will arrive to blow the minds of more than one fan in the middle of this 2023 that brings it to them. Even the oval brand has not only prepared this model, but others. However, the axis of this publication is another.

While millions of motor lovers wait for one of the cars that revolutionized the automotive industry in the United States, a hypothetical version of this sports car had been known some time ago. It is a variant that has not reached the assembly line of the Michigan factory, but if it did, it would give ample reason to place it in the exotic segment.

The specimen in question is a Ford Mustang with one of the most radical aspects of the world, which did not go further than what was sketched through a render. From the point of view that can be seen, it responds to a strange variant that combines the essence of the iconic model with that of the Gran Turismo (GT) models.

The exterior of the most exotic Ford Mustang

This sports car presents a characteristic front of the Mustang of the latest generation, in which both the headlights and the traditional grill seen in the latest versions of the “Pony Car” take center stage. What does become evident is their closeness to the ground, given that the proportions of the body show them closer to what a version for the tracks would be rather than for the street.

This feature is confirmed by the wide proportions on its side and part of the finish that suggest that it has been imagined from the Ford GT of the new modern era. Even a spoiler stands out, and a rear diffuser accompanied by four exhaust outlets. All this structure is mounted on four wheels with tires with a marked competition style.


Although it is not possible to know its interior, there are no clues about what engine could give life to this Ford Mustang GT. Judging from the traditional engine of this car full of history, its creator could opt for a power unit with a central 8-cylinder “V” configuration. 5.0 Coyoteo one EcoBoost V6 3.5 biturbo. If it existed, how do you think this exotic version of the most iconic model of Ford Would it have impacted the current market?

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