What zodiac signs will love in January

The New Year holidays are over, which means that for those who have not yet met their soul mate, it’s time to go out and get ready to win hearts – the planets favor this.

So what January is ready to surprise the most amorous (and the most persistent too) – read the material Express K.

January is very favorable in terms of love for Aries. Acquaintance can occur in the company of friends. Do not sit at home, actively communicate, and not only with old friends.

Taurus will be overwhelmed by an excessive desire to indulge in sensual pleasures. The ardor should be tempered a little – after all, there is still a whole year ahead.

Gemini has a good chance of meeting love while traveling and even while studying. In general, love will smile at this sign not only in January – the whole of 2023 is favorable for him in this sense.

January energies are not very comfortable for Cancer, who loves peace and tranquility – representatives of this sign will want to stay at home, away from the hustle and bustle of the heart. However, if a request to the Universe has already been inadvertently sent, Cancers can be sure that they will literally be pushed out of the house towards amorous adventures.

The situation for Leo will turn 180 degrees – if the representatives of the sign have been looking for their love for a long time, then this January is ready to help them with this. The planets favor them.

Here, the prospects are not so bright – love will appear on the horizon only by the end of the month.

But the representatives of this sign will bathe in romance all January. The main thing is not to sit at home, but attend various events.

Accustomed to the storm in relationships, Scorpio will be able to successfully change and remake in his life what he has not liked for a long time. January is the best time for this.

Fans will be waiting for Sagittarians on trips and travels, so the advice not to stay at home is also relevant for this sign.

Capricorns, as always, are completely absorbed in work – they will work hard all January, earning hard-earned money. However, it is worth tightening the sight – in addition to work, there are many more beautiful things in the world. For example, love.

Representatives of this sign will be drawn to love adventures more than anyone else. Here it is extremely important to remain as impartial as possible and not to mess things up.

Pisces will spend the whole of January in the arms of nostalgia – it is quite possible to resume the old relationship. And new acquaintances await Pisces on the Internet and, oddly enough, in clinics.

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