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This year, Veterans Day falls on Friday, November 11. The federal holiday, which celebrates the country’s sons and daughters sworn to uphold the Constitution, is observed nationwide, with many banks, businesses and offices closed.

But what about schools? Is Veterans Day considered a school holiday in Illinois?

While some observe the day, others do not. And therefore the answer depends on what school your child attends.

According to the Illinois State Board of Education, Veterans Day is not considered a “legal school holiday.” However, the board indicates that districts can choose to celebrate it. In those cases, the district considers it a “No Attendance” day, which means “no student is engaged in learning as determined by the local school board.”

Non-attendance day, the Board says, “is primarily used for breaks throughout the year, as well as district-specific holidays.”

Other days of non-attendance, according to the Board, include Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, Lincoln’s birthday, Casmir Pulaski Day and Columbus Day.

According to the Chicago Public Schools 2022-2023 calendar, Veterans Day is not observed as a holiday. However, on Election Day 2022 it was.

But just because Veterans Day is not recognized in Illinois public schools as a “legal school holiday,” even though many other businesses and officials will be closed.

Veterans Day is a federal holiday, which means no mail will be delivered on that day and the United States Postal Service will be closed. Similarly, many banks will be closed, along with federal courts and non-essential government offices.

In Illinois, driver’s license facilities and other Secretary of State offices will be closed, a news release from the Secretary of State’s Office said.

What will be open, and free to all visitors, are the National Parks. “The National Park Service invites all visitors to remember our veterans by visiting any National Park Service site for free on Veterans Day (November 11),” the NPS says.

Additionally, many businesses will offer deals and free meals on Friday to honor those who have served the country.

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