When is the autumnal equinox in 2022?

After this day, the nights will become longer and the days shorter.

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Russians annually celebrate the Autumn Equinox Day in September. It does not have any specific date.

The autumnal equinox is an astronomical event. On this day, the Sun moves from the northern hemisphere of the celestial sphere to the southern. Thus, astronomical autumn comes in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet, and spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is also the time when all over the Earth, except for the polar regions, day and night last almost the same number of hours – about 12 each. Then the nights become longer and the days shorter.

It has long been believed that the Autumn Equinox has magical powers, and therefore many peoples performed various rituals and rituals during this period. So they wanted to appease the spirits and gods in order to attract health, luck and love into their lives.

In 2022, the autumnal equinox will take place on September 23rd.

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