When Shaquille O’Neal and a policeman put together a “little shell” on the streets of Florida

MEXICO CITY.- It all began with a call to the Gainsville, Florida, police department, in which a group of boys were denounced for making a lot of noise while playing basketball.

Officer Bobby White responded to the complaint, but when he realized that it was just a game, everything changed, since the uniformed man lived together and shared his taste for the sport with the boys from the neighborhood.

After chatting with them for a few minutes, he took time to play with the youngsters for a few minutes, promising that he would return with reinforcements.

And so he did, before the eyes of the young people, the police officer arrived back in the area with a retinue of colleagues, including a very special one, Shaquille O’Neal.

I told them that I would return with reinforcements and here we are”, were the words of White, before giving way to his special guest, the former star of the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA.

The event left the young people speechless when they saw ‘Shaq’, who not only played with them, but also took time to give them some advice on how to respect the elderly, be responsible and dedicate themselves fully to school.

Although the video is already a few years old (since 2016) on the network, it continues to be played by fans of the player who do not stop praising his big heart.

It should be noted that from this epic moment a foundation was born from the hand of officer Bobby White that will provide sports spaces to people with limited resources.

With information from Excelsior.

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