White House confirms discovery of classified documents at Biden’s residence

The White House confirmed today that “a small number” of classified documents, dating from when current President Joe Biden was Vice President of Barack Obama (2009-2017), were found at his private residence in Wilmington, Delaware, as reported. these days local media.

The documents were located in a storage area in the garage and then in an adjacent room “among personal and political papers,” the Biden government detailed, in a statement replicated by the US chain CNN.

During a conversation with journalists, Biden declared that he “fully cooperates” with the Justice regarding the classified documents found in his private residence.

The White House confirmation comes after NBC television announced last night that Biden aides had found a second batch of classified documents.

The first group of classified documents found dates back to November 2, 2022 in an office used by Biden between 2017 and 2019 in Washington, but it came out just three days ago.

Last night, the President’s attorneys inspected his two private Delaware residences, to which “(classified documents) may have been moved during the 2017 transition,” the White House explained.

Attorneys “discovered a small number of documents marked classified in storage and filing areas at my home and in my personal library,” Biden detailed this morning.

“I take classified documents and classified material seriously,” the president said, the AFP news agency reported.

Biden’s advisers said, for their part, that they immediately turned the material over to the National Archives and brought the matter to the attention of the Justice Department.

Some of the first documents found contained matters related to Iran, the United Kingdom and Ukraine, according to sources in the case cited by the US press.

Those early documents, found in the office Biden used between 2017 and 2019 at the Penn Biden Center, a Washington think tank, were mostly dated between 2013 and 2017.

Today, the White House added in the statement that “as was done in the case of the Penn-Biden Center, the Department of Justice was immediately notified and attorneys made arrangements for the Department of Justice to take possession of these documents.”

Under the Presidential Records Act, enacted in 1978, White House records, including emails, letters and other working documents from the president and vice president, must be sent to the National Archives when an administration ends.

This puts the White House in a bind at a time when authorities are investigating alleged mishandling of classified documents by former Republican President Donald Trump.

The Federal Police had searched in August the private club in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, where the billionaire has lived since he left the White House.

The FBI then seized thousands of documents, including 100 classified as secret.

Republicans reacted today by calling for Biden to be investigated for the discovery of confidential documents.

“Congress must investigate this case,” Republican leader Kevin McCarthy told the press, denouncing “a new misstep by the Biden administration.” (Telam)

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