Who are the Latinas seeking their place in Miss Universe

Miss Universe 2022, the biggest beauty pageant in the world, is just around the corner. The long-awaited ceremony will take place on January 14 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Over there, 80 candidates from all over the world They will compete to make the public fall in love and become the next beauty queen who will wear the “Force For Good” crown, created from 993 gems, 110,083 carats of sapphire and 48,024 carats of diamonds.

There are several favorites to become one of the big winners on Saturday the 14th; between them Some Latinas stand out who could be crowned by the previous Miss Universe, Harnaaz Sandhu, originally from India. These are the Latinas who officially participate in the contest:

Barbara Cabrera is 27 years old.@barbaracabrera.ok/Instagram

The 27-year-old Argentine representative not only ventures into the world of fashion, she also collaborates with the Margarita Barrientos Foundation, from soup kitchens for people in need. Cabrera has her own women’s clothing brand, based in Buenos Aires. Her dream, she usually comments on her networks and public appearances, is to support women and children who have suffered from violence or insecurity.

María Fernanda Aristizabál is 25 years old.
María Fernanda Aristizabál is 25 years old.@mafearistizabalu/Instagram

The 25-year-old is one of the favorites to win the Miss Universe crown thanks to her talent in the media. It is also influencer and recognized for positioning the motto “Make every moment worth it” (Make every moment countin Spanish) in which it supports vulnerable social groups. It should be noted that Fernanda was about to not be chosen by the organization due to a change of franchises. However, in the end she was selected to represent the country.

Amanda Dudamel is 23 years old.
Amanda Dudamel is 23 years old.@amandadudamel/Instagram

At just 23 years old, the fashion designer caught the attention of experts for her “sustainable fashion” proposal that she promotes in
social media. The businesswoman has her own brand of clothing and products called Made in Peterewith which it supports children in poverty.

Irma Cristina Miranda is 26 years old.
Irma Cristina Miranda is 26 years old.@irmamirandav/instagram

The 26-year-old Mexican representative is originally from Sonora, Mexico. She currently works as a model and collaborates with the organization La Comuna, from her country. She is passionate about sports and developed part of her career as a sports television host.

Alejandra Guajardo Sada is 26 years old.
Alejandra Guajardo Sada is 26 years old.@missuniverseelsalvadorofficial/Instagram

Passionate about cultures, the 26-year-old model stands out for her entrepreneurship from an early age. She started a CBD oil business with which she supports low-income families. Nowadays, Alejandra works with local organizations to educate people about food safety.

Sofia Depassier is 24 years old.
Sofia Depassier is 24 years old.@sofiadepassier/Instagram

Born in Chile but raised in the United States, Sofia experienced discrimination and racism in that country, which is why he now collaborates with immigrants who are looking for a better quality of life. At only 24 years of age, the model created the “Universo sin fronteras” project, where she provides necessary tools to children and young people to seek their dreams in a new country. She also contributes to Women Alert, a site where makes visible issues that affect women, such as bodily autonomy, stereotypes and mental health.

María Fernanda Rodríguez is 25 years old.
María Fernanda Rodríguez is 25 years old.@fernandarodriguezsc/Instagram

The 25-year-old Costa Rican studied Civil Engineering and is passionate about languages ​​and sports. Currently, she serves as a member of the board of directors of the Mariano Juvenil Association, whose objective is to support young people who need inspiration to fight for their dreams. Also he created his own non-profit organization, Unbreakable Dreams.

Maria Camila Sanabria is 28 years old.
Maria Camila Sanabria is 28 years old.@camilasanabriap/Instagram

Daughter of a united and simple family, the 28-year-old model has a master’s degree, specializing in Marketing and Business Management. Her main goal is share education with whoever needs it, since he firmly believes that “it is the engine that generates growth in life”. She also has plastic skills and the pleasure of capturing her feelings in painting.

Nayelhi González is 28 years old.
Nayelhi González is 28 years old.@nay.egonzalez/Instagram

Born in the province of Esmeraldas, the model was raised under the arms of a family full of love and joy. From a young age she was passionate about singing, painting, animals and sports. To thank her origins, the 28-year-old woman carries out social work with her Juventud Diamante projectwhere he supports young children in the province in collaboration with the Germinar Foundation.

Ivana Batchelor is 22 years old
Ivana Batchelor is 22 years old@ivana.batch/Instagram

The 22-year-old Guatemalan publicly confessed that, due to depression and anxiety, she was about to endanger her life; For this reason, she now fights for more mental health programs and works with public school youth to help prevent suicide in Guatemala. Batchelor’s next dream is to create an organization to provide food and supplies to low-income families.

Solaris Barba is 23 years old
Solaris Barba is 23 years old@missuniversepanamainc/Instagram

The television presenter is passionate about dance and fine arts. She collaborates with the NGO AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which supports people who need medicines to fight AIDS. Beard, 23 years old, helps children with albinism in indigenous populations of Guna Yala, thanks to the fact that she serves as an ambassador of the Smile Train Latin America Foundation.

Andreina Martinez is 25 years old.
Andreina Martinez is 25 years old.@_andreinamart/Instagram

The 25-year-old psychologist worked in the United States Congress to support some cases of immigrant rights for their dual citizenship. She was also recognized by Google with a Pay it Forward award for her dedication to the community. Andreína’s goal is to become the ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the United Nations. It is worth mentioning that this year, the model fulfills her dream of participating in Miss Universe after, in 2021, the Covid-19 left her out of the contest.

Rebeca Rodriguez is 20 years old.
Rebeca Rodriguez is 20 years old.@reberodriguezm/Instagram

The 20-year-old Honduran describes herself as an independent woman, working as a model to pay for her college education with a double degree in International Business and Digital Marketing in Miami. Likewise, she collaborates as an ambassador for several international brands. Rodríguez is hoping to take the crown in the tournament to end his country’s drought of more than 67 years.

Carla Romero is 25 years old.
Carla Romero is 25 years old.@carlaromerovs/Instagram

The model began her working life at the age of 18 with several multinational companies and strongly believes that education is the secret to becoming a leader. Now 25 years old, she works in a social project on mental health focused on helping other people with anxiety and depression. As he recounted, this was born from his own personal experience.

Leah Ashmore is 28 years old.
Leah Ashmore is 28 years old.@leleashmore/Instagram

Nature, art and life itself are the things that matter most to the 28-year-old model. Her goal is to bring a message of hope, acceptance and empathy to the youngest and help in their development. He also wants to end “bodyshaming”a practice that encourages embarrassing or mocking someone for their physical appearance.

Norma Huembes is 24 years old.
Norma Huembes is 24 years old.@normahuembes/Instagram

The 24-year-old model grew up in a family of businessmen, for which her vision is to continue with the legacy that they have left her. However, she does it for social purposes, since she supports business leaders in that country for free. Also He likes spending free time watching Korean dramas and spending time with his cats.

Alessia Rovegno is 24 years old
Alessia Rovegno is 24 years old@alessiarovegno/Instagram

A few years ago, Alessia was the victim of criticism for her “lack of skills” for beauty pageants and for alleged surgeries that she has done. Now, the 24-year-old Peruvian assured that she is ready to show that she deserves the crown. She is currently a businesswoman and co-owner of her family’s bakery. She also collaborates with organizations such as Bridges, Help Peru and the Estée Lauder breast cancer campaign.

Ashley Carino is 28 years old.
Ashley Carino is 28 years old.@ashleyanncarino/Instagram

The 28-year-old model has an unusual dream: become the first Miss Universe to travel to space for NASA. To do this, he studied Aerospace Engineering in Florida and intends to specialize in rocket propulsion.


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