Who are the “rebellious and hard-line” Republicans who exposed the deep division of their party in the US Congress.

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Despite being the natural candidate for the job, Kevin McCarthy faced difficulties in rallying the votes of his own party.

Sewing and singing, child’s play, a walk in the country: any of these phrases commonly used to refer to something that is very easy should have served to describe what the Republican Party had to do this week to choose from its ranks the next speaker of the US House of Representatives

The results of the November 2022 legislative elections gave the Republicans a small but clear majority in this legislative body, in which they hold 222 seats, which means that they had four more votes than necessary to guarantee the 218 required to elect to its new president.

They also had a natural candidate for the position: Kevin McCarthywho since 2019 had been leader of the conservative minority in the Lower House.

Despite this, after six votes carried out between Tuesday and Wednesday, McCarthy I didn’t get the votes necessary to occupy one of the most powerful positions in American politics that, in addition, would make him the second person in the line of presidential succession, behind Vice President Kamala Harris.

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