who are the supporters of the former American president today?

On January 15, Donald Trump held his first big meeting of the year, in Arizona. A year at the end of which we should know if he is again a candidate for the White House. In any case, he intends to do so in his speeches and actions. So, what to take away from this meeting?

More than his performance, which we know, what is interesting is above all to be able to talk to his supporters… Many people who suffer financially : Inflation right now in the United States is at 7%. And that, a lot of people talk about it. A young mother says she lost her job in a travel agency because she refused to be vaccinated. And that’s Joe Biden’s fault, she said. For a veteran, it’s the hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan that he couldn’t stomach.

And there are a lot of conspirationnistes. So they don’t define themselves like that… They think the rest of the world is blind. Some are followers of QAnon and other theories that the Kennedys will come back to save the corrupt world… with Donald Trump as the go-between or messenger.

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