Who is Maura Healey, the next governor of Massachusetts

Maura Healey is one step away from being the next governor of Massachusettsin an eventual historic triumph because she will be the first woman to lead the entity, and with an important milestone in the United States, because she will also begin the process for people from the LGBT community to occupy that position, after openly stating that she is a lesbian.

In the following text we tell you who it is Maura Healey, the fundamental aspects of her career and her role in activism for Americans.

Maura Healey was born in 1971 at the Bethesda Naval Hospital, having a father who at that time was dedicated as captain in the United States Public Health Service, and later as a civil engineer in the Environmental Protection Agency, reveals his website.

“Her maternal grandmother was determined that her granddaughter be born on Massachusetts soil, and to do so she traveled down Route 1 through a snowstorm, flew to Maryland, and in her nurse’s uniform sneaked into the delivery room and placed a small bag containing a portion of soil from a family plantation in Byfield under the delivery bed, so that Maura could be ‘born’ on Massachusetts soil“, declares the web portal.

Her mother, Tracy, was a nurse at an elementary school in New Hampshire, being an active person in the community. The next president of Massachusetts has a stepfather, Edward, “who joined the family when Maura was in high school.”

“Edward He was a teacher, local union president, and coach of his high school basketball team, instilling in Maura a lifelong love of the sport.”

The Democrat is the oldest of five siblings, who grew up on a farm in Hampton Falls, Nueva Hampshire.

Healey studied at Harvard College“was captain of the basketball team, and then spent two years as the starting point guard, at 5-foot-5, on a professional basketball team in Austria. She studied at Northeastern University School of Law, motivated by the commitment to public service and his desire to help people.

At 51, she is the current attorney general of Massachusetts and a well-known human rights defender.

On his own website he maintains that He practiced his profession at a private level, prior to “serve as chief of the Civil Rights Division of the state attorney general. She was promoted to oversee two of the most prominent divisions: the Office of Public Protection and Advocacy and the Office of Business and Labor.”

“During this time, he led the first state lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and held the big banks and lending companies accountable after the 2008 financial crisis,” he says. equipment.

His work also highlights the student defensehousing debtors, conflicts against companies due to reports on the climate crisis, opioid epidemics, as well as the supervision of the covid-19 measures applied during the Donald Trump mandate.

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