who is waiting for money, love and trouble

Horoscope for January 3… The law of meanness: who is waiting for money, love and trouble. Photo: newschoolers.com

Goals, opportunities and energy – these three words will become defining on January 3. The day is favorable for discoveries and everything new.

What surprises will the new period bring? Horoscope for all signs of the zodiac for January 3 – in the material cheltv.ru.


Initiative and heightened intuition will help Aries avoid trouble. The day will be tense – conflicts are possible. The desire to lead and do in your own way is understandable, but still it is worth making compromises. Do not escalate the situation and be careful in your impulses.

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Horoscope for January 3. The law of meanness: who is waiting for money, love and trouble

Envy of others’ success can be positive as well. It is she who will push Taurus to take action. Feel free to take on any business. Aggression, firstly, will be neutralized, and secondly, at the peak of emotions, an idea may come, which will become key to success in the coming months.

What troubles 2021 promises Taurus and how to cope with them – astrologers have prepared an extended forecast.


Good luck will smile at the Gemini. Recently, at work and in personal life, everything has been difficult. Apparently, Fortune realized that it was time to come to the rescue. All issues will be resolved easily, and loved ones will delight you with positive news.

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Cancers will have a difficult day. They may have made a serious mistake some time ago. And now you have to reap its benefits. The immediate environment may turn away, plans – collapse, affairs – slow down. Survive this “black streak” and move on.

How astrologers can please Cancers in 2021, the answer to the question can be found in a detailed forecast.


Completing all the cases and making plans for the future is a good day to take stock and develop a strategy. Analyze what went wrong. It is possible that there will be flaws and mistakes. Then you can outline solutions and set control points.

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Horoscope for January 3. The law of meanness: who is waiting for money, love and trouble

Virgo is guaranteed a positive mood. This is a day of amazing events and gifts. What you have long dreamed of will happen. This time will be especially successful for those who are trying to normalize their personal lives.

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An exceptional day awaits Libra. Fate decided that it was time to get out of hibernation and start climbing to the top of fame. The award is well deserved. You worked hard, which means you need to make the last leap. Go for it.

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Scorpio can lose control of the situation. Emotions on this day will be overflowing, so the situation will become explosive. Restrain yourself, otherwise you can break firewood in the heat of the moment. Of course, many things may not suit you, but it is better not to conflict and not turn others against yourself.

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Horoscope for January 3. The law of meanness: who is waiting for money, love and trouble

Keep your mouth shut for Sagittarius. There are probably people around you who envy you. Therefore, you should be on your guard. Don’t make promises, let alone unrealizable ones.

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In his personal life, the day promises to be calm. Give your partner a pleasant surprise.

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A neutral day will come for Capricorns. However, there can be a nice bonus in the form of a large amount that you did not plan to receive. On this day, unresolved problems can also remind of themselves, but they can be completely circumvented or postponed for a short time.

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All desires will come true, and the money will come by itself. Such a generous gift was prepared by the stars for Aquarius. And complete harmony will come in your personal life. The energy of the day will be extremely positive. However, you should not sit back, take the opportunity: plan and solve important issues, charge others with positive.

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Horoscope for January 3. The law of meanness: who is waiting for money, love and trouble

Disappointment – a new day will pass under this motto. Family members, friends, colleagues or partners can be upset. Such a mood can turn into prolonged depression, so you shouldn’t be at home this day. Go for a walk, trip, shopping – do whatever it takes to neutralize negative thoughts.

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Horoscope for January 3. The law of meanness: who is waiting for money, love and trouble

Signs for January 3. Folk way to protect yourself from disease

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