Who you really are?

Deuce Latui was a revered player in the National Football League in the United States for seven seasons. Behind his extraordinary performance was not only his talent. In fact, central to his life was meeting the legendary Steve Hardison, a leadership mentor who lives in Arizona. Deuce came to Hardison’s studio one day, who after listening to him for over an hour told him with genuine admiration that he was the best offensive “lineman” in the entire League.

Instead of rejoicing and celebrating, Deuce grew smaller, almost embarrassed by the compliment. Steve Hardison, who has the super power to recognize and declare authenticity and essentials in others, observed Deuce’s reaction and understood that the high performance gap he had was a limiting self-concept.

I mean, he wasn’t committed to his genius, his greatness, his true self.

To get him out of his conditioned self, Hardison proposed to Deuce to role play. The player was to be the mentor, and the mentor the player. “All you have to ask me is, ‘Who is the best offensive lineman in the league?” When Deuce asked Hardison the question, he, pretending to be Deuce, got up from his chair, lunged at the player, and yelled in his face, “Listen to me, I’m the best defensive lineman in the entire League! This is who I am! I am Deuce and I am the best! ”. The mentor sat back and said, “If you go inside yourself and commit to your true self, you will change everything.”

Steve Hardison noticed that Deuce in reaction to this experience was expanding his mind. He began to see something he had never seen before, and he realized that. As they said goodbye, Deuce asked Steve to come see him at every game. “I’m not interested in seeing you play,” Hardison replied, “because you don’t even know who you are.” Instead, he asked her to reflect on what had happened that afternoon.

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That same night Deuce wrote this email to his mentor: “Some things I wrote after our session. This has secured my future and my goals. The best in the game, the best offensive lineman in the NFL, the best professional bowler there is, the best at my craft. Best team captain. What is scary is that this is not enough for me, nor good enough. I love you brother.

I want you to witness this in every game. Please let me have you at all the games you can attend. It will bless my life to know that you are behind me, literally watching my every move again. The best in the game, the best offensive lineman in the NFL, the best professional bowler. The best in my craft. Better in the team ”. Deuce had awakened his essence and that changed his life and his game. The question is now for you. Who are you really? How would your performance change if you committed to your authentic self?

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