Why creating a customer intake form is a good idea


Kenneth Fett. Source: Attorney at Work

No need for a fancy tool: a simple online client intake form can help a firm win cases in a meaningful way.

It’s a way to quickly assess new cases and get back to potential customers more quickly. Client intake forms may ultimately accommodate more cases, depending on Kenneth Fett.

This co-director of business operations at Fett & Fields PC, an employment law firm located in Michigan, assures in a post published on Attorney at Work that intake forms are an interesting idea for law firms.

These make it possible to have information quickly, recorded in the same place, and thus to sort out the cases that the firm or the lawyer will be able to take on or not.

The expert believes that it is not so difficult to automate his process. Just choose a form builder and download a plugin for their website. Then to add to its site the admission form chosen thanks to the generator. The best thing is to see everything with your IT specialist or developer.

The link to this form, which includes questions and/or checkboxes, can then be sent directly to potential clients and added to their home, contact, and practice areas page. Then be easily filled.

Smart forms

Kenneth Fett points out that many form builders include a feature that allows them to prompt potential customers with questions deemed applicable to the type of issue he first mentioned.

The expert points out that the answers provided are then sent by e-mail to the lawyer.

In short, admission forms are smart tools that increasingly allow, according to the expert, to ask questions specific to each case, which will waste less time for the lawyer or firm to determine whether yes or no, he is able to take care of the case and if so, to already have some useful information on what awaits him.

The expert cites several form builders offering a free basic version. These are, he says, the top-rated creators for websites built on WordPress. These creators are WP Forms, Formidable Forms, and Gravity Forms.

He adds that it’s also possible to create fillable forms in Adobe Acrobat. For the choice of form creator, everything is a question of budget and needs.

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