Why did the Governor of Michigan ban the Republican proposal to end unemployment benefits?

The Governor of the State of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer vetoed a Republican proposal to end unemployment benefits for coronavirus from $300 on regular benefits at the end of July.

This proposal it had been approved by Republican state lawmakers last June. If signed by the Democratic governor, Michigan would become the 27th state to end federal aid.

Why did the Governor of Michigan ban the Republican proposal to end unemployment benefits?

According to the veto letter issued by the governor, the decision to block the Republican proposal was made after reaching the conclusion that “Ending these enhanced benefits on July 31, as proposed by HB 4434, would drain $1.5 billion from our economy – money that instead flows into our local economies and supports small businesses.”

Michigan’s governor would sign the proposal under one condition

Although the proposal was already blocked by the governor, Whitmer announced that she would be willing to sign new legislation with the same objective. in exchange for legislators committing to increase the weekly compensation of regular unemployment assistance.

“I am willing to discontinue the enhanced benefit early if this Legislaturea rapidly allocates federal funds for child care and increases the benefit in proportion to that of neighboring states“said Governor Whitmer, expressing her desire for Republicans to accept an increase in $60 weekly maximum in unemployment compensation and $1.4 billion to address child care shortages.

Currently, unemployed Michigan citizens receiving unemployment benefits can receive a maximum amount of $362, being one of the states with the lowest aid rates, both in quantity and percentage of salaries comparatively, according to the Michigan Public Policy League.

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