Why moving to Orlando can change your life?

Orlando is obviously not all Disney magic and fairy tales. However, it is now the most attractive city in Florida, in particular thanks to the quality of life it has to offer, its perfect location and its infinite growth. But not only…

Did you know that over 2 million people speak French in Florida? All of this spread across the state. However, two cities largely dominate: Miami and Orlando. But for what reason exactly? If what attracts Miami is obvious to all French speakers. Regarding Orlando, the advantages sometimes remain a little more vague. However, this city of nearly 281,000 inhabitants is THE place to be for many French speakers. Here are the reasons.

Orlando, a very dynamic city

Every year millions of tourists come to spend several days, even several weeks, in Orlando to have fun in the most famous amusement parks on the planet: Disney World, Universal… But the Florida city has much more to offer. Yes, by settling here you can enjoy the many museums of the city, the trendiest nightclubs, the many bars day and night, restaurants from all walks of life and concerts that offer daily life and nightlife incomparable.

Universal Park in Orlando Florida

An ideal location

If Orlando is not by the sea, the fine white sand beaches are only an hour’s drive away. In addition, the city remains ideally located in terms of climate: sunshine almost all year round and pleasant temperatures. In the summer, you can be outside without suffocating. In winter, you can go out in a little jacket. Finally, Orlando remains, most of the time, spared by floods, hurricanes, storms or heavy rains. Unlike its Miami counterpart.

A perfect living environment

Alone, as a couple or as a family, whatever. Orlando has what every home needs. And for good reason. As a family, its quiet residential neighborhoods, renowned schools and public transport make everyday life easier. For couples or singles, the many shopping centers, the nightlife and the possibilities of real estate investments much cheaper than some neighbors make Orlando the perfect place to build a tailor-made life. For retirement: Sun, tranquility and suitable activities, what more could you ask for?

Employment is booming

For a long time, tourism was the main economic activity of the city. But for several years, Orlando has been diversifying and attracting many investors. Indeed, thanks to its many leisure activities, it still attracts so many young people, who come from all over to work. But in the region, it is also the field of aviation and Aerospace that is developing more and more. Or those of high-tech industry and technological agriculture, already very well established. Those of cinema and television which offer several thousand jobs and generate more than 845 million USD in turnover per year. Without forgetting that of biotechnology, financial services, IT, renewable energy, or modeling and its 150 companies with more than 3 billion USD in turnover. What offer employment for all and generate good wages.

However, being able to settle in the USA as a Frenchman remains difficult. It is mandatory to obtain a visa to be able to enter the territory, thanks to a sponsor, an investment, studies, or a particular talent.

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