Why the track and field athletes want to go back to the individual European Championships

Dhe Olympic Games of 1972 are to experience a jubilant anniversary in Munich. Nine sports will hold their European Championships there simultaneously in August, and it will be a joint festival. The joy has apparently already passed the track and field athletes. After Munich, their European association announces that they will drop out. Wherever the private organizers want to hold the third European Championships in 2026: the track and field athletes will then fight for their titles in Birmingham or Budapest.

Bishops, knights and throwers are not the first to leave. The swimmers who were there at the premiere in Glasgow in 2018 are already missing in Munich – a television event to which the track and field athletes were tuned in from the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. Now physically present in Munich, the track and field athletes are experiencing that although they are the driving force behind the event, their German association is not even involved, but rather switched off.

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