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Why We Fish is the author’s book Robert U Montgomery and is published by Norlightspress.com and has an ISBN 9781935254782. The book was published by 2002-06-04 and includes 222 pages. Take the opportunity to open and save the book Why We Fish online. The books are available in various formats at your convenience: PDF. All books can be opened and downloaded online without registration.

Why do we fish? Most fishermen (and women) don’t stop to analyze why we love fishing. We’re too busy planning our next trip or daydreaming about the fish that got away. We hook fish- they hook us. It’s that simple. Yet, the subject is deeper than it appears. Nationally recognized fishing writer Robert U. Montgomery began pondering this question about 20 years ago, when he realized how fishing helped him survive the death of his best friends. Robert discovered that we fish to remember, and we fish to forget. We fish when we’re happy, and when we’re sad. We fish to bond with friends and family, or to be alone. Whatever our motivation, no matter where we are on the success spectrum, fishing makes our lives better in ways we never could have imagined. It slows us down. It sets us free. It teaches us about nature, even while showing us how much we don’t know. And fishing becomes the foundation for our fondest memories. In Why We Fish, Robert Montgomery examines the reasons we keep going back to the water and how fishing enriches us, both individually and as a society. Contributed by ten passionate anglers, the essays on these pages celebrate the tangible and intangible blessings we derive from one of man’s oldest pastimes. What is life all about? Go fishing and find out. But first, enjoy the wonderful essays in Why We Fish.

Why We Fish by Robert U Montgomery

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