Why would going skiing to Colorado be more expensive? (And it’s not because of global warming) – El Financiero

The prices of the gasolines are increasing in Colorado because a prolonged interruption of the only oil refinery of the state affects the locals and to ski tourists.

Costs are likely to remain high until after the summer peak season.

The outage at Suncor Energy’s Commerce City refinery, which is responsible for 40 percent of the state’s fuel, has made supplies tight. “extremely tight”.

Some retail businesses face temporary fuel shortages such as premium gasoline used for luxury cars, explained Grier Bailey, executive director of the Colorado Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association.

Located outside of Denver, the facility will remain idle until end of first quarter 2023 after a fire forced it to close in the final days of 2022. The outage has led to truck delays and long lines at fuel terminals, distributor Mansfield Energy admitted.

Average retail prices in Colorado now sit at $3,249 a gallon, after rising more than 7 cents overnight, leading national gains, according to the AAA auto club.

Prices will remain high until the region transitions to cheaper winter fuel in September, even if the refinery returns to production in March, Bailey warned.

Gasoline prices are rising too in neighboring Utahwhere the tourism of winter it is also critical to the state’s economy. The Salt Lake City refinery is among the plants now shipping more products to Colorado for fill the supply gapaccording to Bailey.

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