Will Fall-FTX become a hit in cinemas? – Author of “Big Short” meets with SBF

The crypto community is hotly discussing on social media that former FTX boss Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) has teamed up with best-selling author Michael Lewis met should have. Among other things, Lewis is responsible for the adaptation of the popular film The Big Short, which portrays the financial crisis of 2008.

The critical voices of the community went across the board, ranging from amusement about the appearance of SBF to demands that an investigation against Lewis should now be carried out. A community member designated the meeting accordingly as downright “absurd”.

In another Tweet the accusation is again made that such a book is possibly an instrument to put the criminal machinations of the crypto exchange in a good light.

Bitcoin expert Nic Carter again admits come up withthat Lewis should now also be the focus of investigators, since he has been in contact with Bankman-Fried for six months and has not reported any suspicious events.

Tweet from Nic Carter. What: Twitter

Also the gold expert and crypto critic Peter Schiff reported Speaks out by warning that if Bankman-Fried is used as the primary source, the book will become purely a “work of the imagination”. Instead, he asks Lewis to work out the actual background of the case and to speak to trustworthy sources.

True to the motto: “Whoever has the damage does not need to worry about the ridicule”, the planned book project also drives funny stylistic blossoms. So means one member of the community joked that an eventual movie is likely to be a kind of Wolf of Wall Street “only with ugly people”. Another user says that the film only will be goodwhen Bankman-Fried shows everyone else responsible so that “everyone goes to jail”.

Other voices, however, see little potential for a successful film, since unlike The Big Short, Case FTX is all about crime, orgies and bad decisions (see below).

Tweet about the supposedly planned FTX film. Source: Twitter

But the financial aspect is also an issue not in obliviona Twitter user suggests that Bankman-Fried could use proceeds from a hit book or film to compensate FTX clients.

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