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“Rhetoric is a poison


What can you think of a guy, Gleison Bremer, forced to cross his destiny at Juve with the black and white colors of his dog? Dogs are wonderful creatures because they often manage to justify any choice we make on the basis of their unconditional love for us, a love due to such linear rationality as to make even the 30/40 meter passages brushed by a talented midfielder seem complex trajectories. . It could be said that sometimes players should stick to the saying that silence is golden, but when a club pays you almost 50 million euros and guarantees you an annual salary of 5 million net a few words must also be said in support, very desperate, to justify the unjustifiable, that is the passage from Turin to Juventus. It is not a question of vulgar and uncontrolled rivalry between two worlds capable of not matching even waking up every morning under the same sky, it is a true apostasy from football.

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Although I love dogs very much, I admit to feeling a sort of uncontrolled annoyance when I meet a black and white one. I swear, I would not like to feel this annoyance and sooner or later I will ask San Rocco (protector of dogs) to redeem me from this trivial instinct, but it is just stronger than me. Sometimes I wonder if footballers really know what football is, I myself continually wonder if I really know anything about it. I’m not talking about schemes, refined technical gestures, percentage of shots on goal or possession of the ball, I admit I understand very little of this, I practically have a bar-goer discernment. I know all about a “kick” tennis serve, but please don’t talk to me about how to “climb” a defense because I am already struggling to climb my stairs. So I’m not a “technician”, but I can assure you that I know a lot about the spirit inherent for more than a century in the events of the most popular game in the world, which for a very long time has far surpassed the esoteric bias of the “Palio di Siena” , making brothers and sisters not the inhabitants of the same district, but people even hundreds and thousands of kilometers away.

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The heritage of football is not fighting for front row tickets to a “New York Knicks” event at “Madison Square Garden” in a sport, basketball, which in its time created the NBA simply to have additional income, the history of football is based on the idea of ​​”conflict”, the inevitable clash. Football is not pacifist because it has always accepted human nature inclined to look for a reason to unite and thus divide itself from others, and it has never been embarrassed in the face of the world of the end of the second millennium striving to obsessively seek the path of politically correct. . For Emiliano Mondonico (how much I miss the “World”) the fans of Toro were the Indians ready to resist every charge of the cowboys, perhaps destined to succumb but you know the satisfaction when the day of your “Little BigHorn” arrives. If you only have bow and arrows, you know, life is hard every day because they want to throw you out of the world, they want your extinction or, worse, your assimilation.

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They want everyone to become cheerful spectators of a rugby match, peaceful volleyball or basketball patrons, seeing how the reasonable man is continually described as the one who is well capable of adapting to the world. But then, recalling the words of George Bernard Shaw, “unreasonableness is the only possible way to progress”, and then a worried someone (don’t ask me who, please) decided to anesthetize the “Ulysses complex”, replacing it with so much money as to make the desire to return to challenge the sea after twenty years of absence from Ithaca seem pure madness. Money has become the morphine used to allay all pain, all anxiety, all doubts. It guarantees the continuation of the show without many jolts, to soothe any possible pain. Reason thus wins, by large detachment, over unreasonableness. Money has no “dialectic”, it plans everything with the grace of a bulldozer and has reached, in the last sixty years, the same importance as oxygen; and it has become practically impossible to give “Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God”, considered as Caesar in just two thousand years, in the West, has succeeded in the enterprise of substituting stock market lists for the concept of a ” Creator ”reduced to the obsolete.

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The “reductionism” operated against existentialism has not only made philosophy and theology go out of fashion, but has emptied any difference, any opinion of any content. “I am like that, you are there, and now let’s get under a rainbow-colored umbrella and, finally, let’s love and respect each other”; it is declaring the end of the world while the world continues to exist. It is necessary to understand how Gleison Bremer did not go to Juventus two days ago, but at least from the moment in which the American President Richard Nixon, on August 15, 1971, abolished the “Gold Standard” sanctioning the freedom of the Dollar from convertibility with gold, thus making every possible human horizon, every tradition invented and established up to that moment annexed to the “Market”. Social processes are long and inexorable; the length is necessary to allow to dilute over time the relentlessness otherwise impossible to accept if imposed by decree within a few days. Consensus is not a question that can be done without, and this is why the Ministry of Propaganda plays a role of utmost importance in dictatorships. More than forty years have passed since Liverpool reached an agreement, worth 100,000 pounds, with “Hitachi” to affix the mark of the well-known Japanese electronics company on the sacred red jersey (at least for the “Kop” supporters) of the “Reds” of “Merseyside”. Only two years after “JVC”, another Japanese electronics company, was already forced to pay an extra 400,000 pounds to sponsor the Arsenal jersey: it is the beginning of a domino effect that will lead the stadiums to take a name taken from an advertising catalog instead of a former football glory that remained in the heart and in the memory or from the neighborhood where it was born.

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Football is conflict because it finds itself in the uncomfortable and fascinating position of being a point of view to which it owes all its fortunes, all its epics, all its love. The point of view lives in a truly unique dichotomous condition, seen as it is relative by definition and absolute by conviction, but it is precisely from this dichotomy that the history of football has flourished, today diluted by money in apostasy, annihilated by the need to absolutely win. something. Bremer’s poor black-and-white dog has nothing to do with destiny and will surely forgive the nonsense spoken by his owner, oblivious to when another destiny made him jump in front of the “Marathon” singing a classic “who doesn’t jump Juventus is” . The soul, the memories, the destiny, theoretically should push us to return home, but to do this we should perhaps at least remember the way.

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It will not be blaming Gleison Bremer and Urbano Cairo for doing business in the temple that will stop the depletion of any value of the game, as we must admit that all of us have long since surrendered to the inevitable, it was the very beginning that was the day when we all wanted to be rich and successful. If we will be able to recognize that we have partially misrepresented Emiliano Mondonico’s “we are Indians in a cowboy world”, if we will be able to bring the hands of our watches back to the time when we were “a point of view”, if we will stop living alone and solely for the victory, then perhaps he will be able to begin to revive the history of football and continue his journey. At the moment we are like a long speech overheard and overheard. And sometimes it just wasn’t a good speech.

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