Will you make me a pizza? And shoot a gunshot

“Will you make me a pizza?”. And shoot a gunshot: 21 year old in trouble in Besana Brianza (Sunday 3 January 2021) Monza, 3 January 2020 – S para un blow of gun and is reported. The incident occurred around 8 pm on the last day of the year when a man entered a pizzeria in BesanaRead on ilgiorno

borghi_claudio : @ francopavoni1 @ RiccardoLaudad1 @ Solocarmen1 BUT ACCORDING TO YOU I DON’T KNOW ??? I have a wife who organizes weddings and and … – Giorgiolaporta : You invented an interview never released with the #NoVax death threats to the nurse # ClaudiaAlivernini… – CarloCalenda : I have already seen this stuff happen with Civic Choice. Given that making a list is not a trivial stuff. When … – ellejfray : RT @dumbinamerica: And I have NEVER EVER heard Giulia remark on these experiences to pity people. NEVER. Always with a smile … – robertacrown : @ RubricaPsicolo1 Please do something, DISCOVER THE HYPOCRISY AND THE DOUBLE GAME OF CECILIA THAT DISTORTED HER … –

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