Wink will present the premiere of the series “Fisher” with Sasha Bortich in February

Wink online cinema will present the premiere of the Fisher series in February. The main roles in the detective were played by Alexandra Bortich, Ivan Yankovsky and Alexander Yatsenko.

The series takes place in 1986. Brutal murders of teenagers take place in a dacha village on Rublevsky Highway. Three investigators have to unravel a case that will change the fate of each of them.

Fischer was filmed by directors Sergey Taramaev and Lyubov Lvova. The script was written by Sergey Kalvarsky and Natalya Kapustina.

The series also starred Sergey Gilev, Anna Snatkina, Roman Evdokimov, Olga Ozollapinya and other actors.

Photo: Fisher/Wink TV series poster

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