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The strong winter storm that hit two-thirds of the United States this weekend left 28 dead.

The deaths were confirmed in Oklahoma, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, New York, Colorado and Michigan, detailed Prensa Latina.

The meteorological phenomenon is called a bomb cyclone, and it is described as an event that takes place when the atmospheric pressure drops very quickly in a strong storm. This occurred near the Great Lakes last Friday, and triggered effects similar to those of an extreme blizzard.

The arctic front will continue for the next several days, according to the US National Weather Service, and indicated that it will bring snow across the northern plains to the midwest, with areas of rain and freezing rain.

He warned to be careful with slippery roads, which cause car accidents, traffic jams and other incidents suffered by citizens.

To date, some 150,000 customers have experienced power loss in the nation’s West Territories, and in Maine alone, more than 90,000 homes and businesses are without power.

The authorities warned the population to avoid going outside due to the high degree of freezing and reported that the strong winds will create a potentially fatal risk for travelers.

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