Winter storm in the USA: deaths in ice accidents

Three people died in traffic accidents caused by a severe winter storm in the US state of Kansas. The cause was snow and icy roads, the police said, according to a report in the newspaper “USA Today” on Thursday (local time). In view of the freezing temperatures, the condition of the roads in many places is still very bad.

The weather service had previously warned of a “historic” winter storm. The storm low will bring extreme cold, heavy snowfall and ice wind. US media, citing weather experts, warned of the possible emergence of a special and severe storm, a so-called “bomb cyclone”. Values ​​of around minus 45 degrees Celsius have already been measured in the states of Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming. “This is not like a childhood snow day,” President Joe Biden warned.

This is likely to be difficult for many people who want to travel to their families over Christmas. According to media reports, thousands of flights were canceled on Thursday and Friday. The airports in Chicago and Detroit are among the most important hubs in the country, and severe snowstorms are expected there. Strong winds, rain and ice could also affect freeways and airports in the east coast metropolises of Washington, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

Sometimes it gets so cold that there is a risk of frostbite within minutes, the authorities warned. There is a weather warning of some kind for around 180 million people. The north and midwest of the country are particularly affected – but also the south of the USA. An extreme frost warning has been issued for the states of Louisiana, parts of Mississippi, Alabama and Texas. “Life-threatening” temperatures with high winds are expected in some parts of the country.

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