Winter storm swept through the 37 states of the United States due to rare blackouts in Texas due to green energy | Historic snowstorm | Green energy suspension | Texas blackout | 37 states face threats | Windmill blades freeze | Wind power collapse

[Voice of Hope February 18, 2021](Comprehensive report by our reporter Zhong Xuan)The first storm has just subsided, and the second storm begins on Wednesday (February 17). At present, 37 states are in alarm state. And Texas suffered a historic power outage due to the suspension of green energy.

According to ABC reports, from Dallas, Texas to New York City have issued warnings for a new wave of winter storms. This storm will threaten strong snow, ice and tornadoes. On Wednesday, 37 states were in a state of cold weather alert.

However, Texas has been hit by a winter storm since February 11, wind power blades have frozen, green energy has been shut down, and large-scale power outages across the state have affected the lives of millions of people and endangered lives. White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki said on Tuesday (February 16) that President Biden is “closely tracking” states severely affected by winter storms. But he is still on vacation and has not personally contacted the governors of these states.

Earlier Tuesday, more than 4 million Texas homes and businesses were hit by power outages. As of Wednesday morning, nearly 3 million homes and businesses in Texas still had power outages. The major cities affected are Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin.

So far, Biden has not interrupted his trip to deal with the disaster. Last Saturday (February 13), Biden and his family spent a wonderful President’s Day weekend at Camp David, a presidential resort in Maryland. Biden and his granddaughter also played the fun racing game “Mario Kart race” (Mario Kart race). On Tuesday night, he attended a town hall conference organized by CNN in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Psaki told the media that last weekend, Texas Governor Greg Abbott called and asked Biden to declare a federal emergency in the state so that the storm victims could receive federal assistance. Biden’s homeland security adviser, Liz Sherwood-Randall, spoke with Abbott. During the Camp David holiday, Biden signed the Texas State of Emergency Declaration.

In Texas, wind power supplies 23% of the energy, and wind energy is also growing rapidly in Texas. As the Biden government plans to promote a green energy policy, it will move away from fossil fuels and switch to a full power system that generates power from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. But the Texas blackout highlights the difficulty of renewable energy power generation. According to CNN, when the winter storm hit this week, Texas electricity prices soared by more than 10,000%.

In response to the energy crisis in Texas, Fox News host Tucker Carlson (Tucker Carlson) said that although power outages are common in states such as California, they are surprising in Texas. The state has a lot of natural gas and electricity should be sufficient, but now the situation in Texas is like a person starved to death in a grocery store-only intentionally, and Texas is like that.

Carlson said that instead of celebrating and benefiting from the state’s abundant natural resources, politicians have taken a fashionable route, which is to recklessly rely on the so-called green alternative energy, that is, windmill power generation. Until one day, the weather got cold, the windmills were all frozen, the windmills failed like stupid fashion accessories, and then the people in Texas froze to death.

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Carlson said: “This is also one of the renewable energy sources that the Biden administration and his climate allies are eager to sell to other parts of the United States, even though these energy sources are less reliable, inefficient, costly, and kill a large number of birds. Class. However, what the rest of us think does not matter, because green energy is the ultimate internal game for the few profitable people.”

Congressman Lauren Boebert also wrote in a tweet: “It takes a very special stupidity to operate in Texas without energy. Carlson said very well. He exposed the ugliness of green energy and the impact of this policy. How much harm did people cause.”

Abbott requested an investigation into the state’s power grid failure on February 16, after a winter blizzard killed 21 people and millions of people were without electricity. He said in a statement: “The Texas Electric Reliability Commission (ERCOT) has been reliable for the past 48 hours.” According to the Guardian, more than 21 people have died in many states due to power outages.

The storm has brought 9 inches of snow to Amarillo, Texas, and 6 inches of snow in southern Oklahoma City.

The Texas Republicans have always advocated the protection of fossil fuels, and they emphasized the need to preserve oil and natural gas. The conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation issued a press release expressing its gratitude to “affordable and reliable” fossil fuels for keeping Texans warm.

37 states are facing severe weather

Ice and snow will enter Louisiana, Mississippi, northern Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky in the late morning and afternoon of Wednesday. On Wednesday night, severe thunderstorms may occur along the Gulf of Mexico, from New Orleans to Mobile, Alabama, and there may also be destructive gales and some tornadoes.

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On Thursday (February 18) morning, the storm will enter the East Coast, from Florida to New England. Snow will begin in the morning in Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York City and will continue into the afternoon.

Further south, from near Washington DC to Richmond, Virginia, and further south to Raleigh (Raleigh), weather is expected to be mixed with snow and ice.

From San Antonio to Shreveport, Louisiana and Jackson, Mississippi, more than a quarter of an inch of ice is expected.

Meanwhile, from Little Rock to Memphis, Nashville and Lexington, half a foot of snow is expected. Snowfall in Washington, DC and Boston is expected to be 3 to 6 inches, and in Philadelphia and New York City is expected to be 5 to 7 inches.

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