Winter weather alert in several Midwestern states including Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin | Univision News

Low resources, now I returnwith you.andrea: they issue an alertwinter weather in variousmidwestern States,including illinois, iowa andwisconsin, where you can get tofall a mixture of rain andsnow, so thatauthorities urge cautiondriving time. from nowcancellations offlight.Viviana Avila explains to us.Viviana: Andrea, I greet youfrom buiton, in the countydupech, why not in chicagothere was a lot of precipitationsnow, but in these areasnear chicago, one hourmore or less away, yeahthat started that precipitationof snow, authorities saythat it is time to enlist thewinter clothes, salt, butabove all they ask for patience andcaution, especially at the timeof driving.a winter system struckseveral states of the country withmix of snow, rain anddrop in temperatures.snowfallcumulative in the season fallsstrong in counties likestomp.>> well, what we do issave everything in itoutside, have clothesappropriate, and prepare forclean the streets.viviana: in chicago although theprecipitation would only reachone inch buildup, themanagement department andcity ​​emergencieshe withdrew his flotilla ofsnow removal trucks.>> it’s pure nature.viviana: in minnesota theauthorities alerted theroad hazardslippery because of the snowcontinues to fall, a projectedaccumulation of more than 3inches has followed adrop in thermometeroklahoma snow fell fromcontinuously for a space ofeight hours and forced thecancellation of classes inzaria University Campus,iowa, wisconsin y missourithey continue under a winter artuntil Wednesday.what do they say nowmeteorologists? that there will be onemixture of snow and rain, and thatthis makes the roadsbe much more slippery becausewe have in the state ofillinois an increase in

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