with few allies, no Twitter and on the brink of a trial

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WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit a section of the border wall in Texas on Tuesday. This would be one of his first opportunities to speak to the public since he lost his social media megaphone.

The final days of his presidency could be the most decisive, as Trump is alienated from even his most devoted allies in Washington and once again faces impeachment.

Trump remains defiant, according to two sources familiar with his thinking. Has no plans to quit despite bipartisan calls for him to step down before his term expires on January 20. He has also indicated that he thinks his supporters will be enraged by the decisions of Twitter and other tech companies to block him. To those you are talking to, you keep falsely claiming that you won the election.

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A growing number of his former allies berated him publicly or avoided him privately over the weekend. And he was unable to fight back on Twitter after his account was permanently suspended.

It’s a dramatic but unsurprising end to the Trump presidency, after four years of near-daily controversies that tested the limits of democracy and resulted in the deadly attack on Capitol Hill when a mob of Trump supporters tried to challenge the election results.

It is also a turn of events for a man considered a week ago as the most powerful person in the Republican Party and a likely candidate for 2024.

President Donald Trump gestures at a campaign rally in support of the Senate candidates on January 4, 2020, in Dalton, Georgia.
AP/Brynn Anderson

Trump has not only been unable to vent his frustrations on his millions of followers on social media, but he has also been left with few allies to hear or amplify his message.

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Trump’s presidential routine – watching Fox News, posting on Twitter, and calling his friends and allies – has been largely disrupted.

Long-time Republican Party allies and advisers, such as the former governor of New Jersey Chris Christie and the senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham, a regular golf buddy, have publicly criticized Trump’s behaviorwhile others have simply been avoiding it.

“People don’t want to be in his line of sight”said a former White House official. Aside from Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s attorney, and a few other loyalists, “no one even commits,” he added.

The most notable absence from his inner circle in recent days has been that of Vice President Mike Pence. Although they met in the Oval Office Monday night, they had not seen each other since Wednesday morning, after the president asked him to break his oath and somehow attempt to intervene in the Electoral College tabulation.

Before the events of last week, Pence was not only one of Trump’s most loyal alliesbut also one of his few friends in Washington, former administration officials have said.

Inside the White House, Trump has shrinking staff to help him carry out any last minute moves. Several aides and members of his Cabinet have resigned.

Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey became the third Republican-elect to call for Trump’s resignation Sunday, and Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski said Friday that Trump should be removed from office.

Meanwhile, House Democrats will continue to vote Tuesday to begin their impeachment process.

Trump has focused increasingly on pardons in his last days and there have been serious discussions about his own forgiveness, according to two former White House officials.

The outgoing president has been working with the White House attorney to “resolve the paperwork” regarding this procedure, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The outgoing president has also been asking employees in recent days if they would like a preventive pardon, though none have been charged or publicly admitted to a crime.

Trump has also talked about pre-emptively forgiving his family members, as well as some of his closest confidants.

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