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Tatyana Lvovna, you are the only Petersburg actress in this picture. How did you get to know the director?

Tatiana Piletskaya: I love cinema and always gladly accept offers if it’s an interesting role. The assistant director Litvinova called me and said that Renata had arrived in St. Petersburg and would like to meet with me. I was surprised (I am still remembered in the movies!) And gladly agreed to this meeting. I haven’t seen the films made by Renata, but, of course, I heard about her. Renata told me what film she wants to make, what role she will offer me. I became interested and at the end of the meeting asked her who else she would try for this role, to which she replied: “After meeting with you, nobody.”

Soon I was invited to Moscow. I immediately got into the pavilion, there were no samples, just a suit, a haircut. Moscow actors. And we started to work.

You have worked with many directors, you have seen different approaches. What can you say about the Litvinova method?

Tatiana Piletskaya: I have more than 50 films and I was curious what kind of director Renata Litvinova would be. I saw a very strong, understanding director who knows what he wants from an actor. True, I did not see the result, not a single shot. Previously, they shot on film, but now it’s different: they shot it and look in the next room what happened. I don’t like to look at myself, so I didn’t go to the monitor, didn’t look, I could only guess by the faces of my partners and Renata. And I heard: “Good” or “It didn’t work out. We are reshooting.”

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The work was interesting, albeit stressful. In the morning I came to the set, and in the evening I left for St. Petersburg – I have performances in the theater.

Tatiana Piletskaya: I am glad that I met Renata. She played my daughter Margarita. Good actress, good director, smart woman. And God grant her success in the future.

How do you assess the youth you filmed with?

Tatiana Piletskaya: Great artists. I had dialogues with Renata’s daughter Ulyana. I can say that she is very pretty and did a great job with the role.

Where was it filmed? Where is this manor (manor, castle, old mansion), in which the action takes place?

Tatiana Piletskaya: Yes, amazing interiors, beauty! But it was a huge pavilion where the scenery was built. A deer was brought there, he had such frightened eyes! I stroked him.

You will not be surprised with magnificent costumes and decorations – both in the theater and in the cinema – how many of them you had! And now go on stage, luxuriously dressed.

Tatiana Piletskaya: This is true. But nevertheless, there were royal costumes in the movie “North Wind”. They dressed me, made up, did my hair – they put something incredible on my head, I looked at myself with surprise and heard from Renata: “It is necessary. Alice is the master of the clan. Very good, beautiful.”

Have you watched the movie yet?

Tatiana Piletskaya: Yes. I was invited to the premiere in Moscow. I was sitting in the hall with the audience, I did not know what I would see. A two-hour film was edited for cinemas. There were not many of my scenes. I was upset. Then I called Renata and asked where are my monologues, my wonderful scenes? She said she was preparing a five-part television version, everything would be there.

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The picture is very interesting. I think that everyone will find something for themselves.

You have always been against scenes where you would be taken out in a wheelchair, but here, at the beginning of the film, you are taken to the hall on a chair (although someone compared it to a royal throne).

Tatiana Piletskaya: (Laughs) Thank goodness they weren’t compared to a wheelchair. I think lately they have been looking at my birth year and suggesting such scenes. It’s nothing you can do. I also have such a solution in the play. And I can still walk. And I dance in “Ma-Mure”!

Your Alice in the film, making a toast, says: “The most important thing in life is work and love, but for some reason work always wins.” Do you agree with this?

Tatiana Piletskaya: Perhaps I will say this: I am happy that I had both love and work. And now, of course, only work that saves me from sadness – my husband Borenka (Boris Ageshin, Honored Artist of Russia, classic of Russian pantomime – “RG”) passed away in 2018.


Tatiana Piletskaya can be seen in the performances of the Baltic House Festival Theater: “Trees die while standing”, “Ma-Mure”, “Family as a gift”. At the Andrei Mironov Theater – “Baba Chanel”.


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