With Soreetul, Awa Caba facilitates the marketing of agricultural processing products in Senegal

(Ecofin Agency) – After studying computer science, she chose to specialize in agribusiness. It mainly helps women producers in rural areas and has received several awards and distinctions for its social impact on the African continent.

Awa Caba (photo) is a Senegalese computer scientist who graduated from the Polytechnic School of Dakar, where she graduated as a design engineer. She is the co-founder and CEO of Soreetul, an e-commerce platform specializing in the promotion and distribution of agricultural products processed by women in Senegal.

It connects rural women agricultural producers with potential customers who live in urban areas. Speaking about what prompted her to launch Soreetul in 2013, Awa Caba said, “ The idea comes from the observation that consumers had difficulty finding local products in supermarkets or shops. Women who work in the processing sector also do not have access to the market since they are in areas far from the capital. ».

Awa Caba is also co-founder and president of Yeesal Agri Hub, an innovative entrepreneurship support structure specializing in agribusiness and launched in 2016. Last December, the structure was selected to be part of the Rural Impacting Entrepreneurship project developed by Small Foundation and Village Capital, report We Are Tech Africa.

Her professional career began in 2012 as a computer engineer at Nelam Services. She confused the 1is network of women in technology in Senegal, Jiggen Tech Hub, then Weltima, of which she is IT manager. She also worked as a consultant for the International Fund for Agricultural Development in 2014, the USAID-ERA project (Education and Research in Agriculture) from June to August 2017 and the FAO from February to December 2017.

Mandela Washington Fellow at the University of Iowa where she took courses in business and entrepreneurship in 2016, she has received several awards and distinctions. In 2020, she won the African Women’s Leadership Award, after winning the Bank of Africa’s African Entrepreneurship Award in 2018. She was also cited among the 30 hopefuls of French-speaking African youth who are building the Africa of tomorrow byForbes Africa Magazine.

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