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Julia M.ª Dopico Vale

With the voice of a woman is the title of the concert that has just been held on Duo Nightcomposed of a PhD in piano interpretation from the University of Oregon and a professor at Southern Arkansas University, Marina Bengoa and the lyric soprano with Alsatian roots, Anna Guasch in the Espacio de Artes Sécénicas Casal de Alella, town in the county of El Maresme, performing a repertoire that explores the song composed by women, in many cases historically forgotten due to gender and origin and that the public deserves to know and listen to.

Music by North American and Spanish authors from different eras and styles, paying special tribute to the famous pianist, Alice Larrochain the celebration of the centenary of his birth in this incipient 2023. Two little Italian arias from Isabella Colbranmuse of Rossini, considered the best mezzo-soprano of her time and at the same time a composer; three songs from Florence Pricethe first African-American to be recognized as a symphonic composer, four songs from Matilda Salvador, a representative figure of Valencian culture with which he maintains a firm commitment; two songs from Somayéh Heidarvandfour of Margaret Bondsone of the first black composers to gain recognition in the US and four songs by Alicia de Larrocha, who, in addition to being a distinguished performer, wrote a series of works before reaching the age of 30, which she will call “sins of youth”.

My own music with the title was also performed at the concert. The Rosea song that recreates the poet’s verses in the form of a Havana lyric Jose Marti and the bonds of union that always existed between Galicia and Cuba. An honor to accompany these women on the program whose inspiration overcame the vetoes that others wanted to impose and thanks to the interpreters, wishing that With a woman’s voice have new spaces in which to speak.

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