Without meat, with sextoys: Rammstein singer Till Lindemann goes vegan – and promotes dildos

Things have calmed down around Rammstein recently, but Till Lindemann (57) is showing his face in other industries: He beats the drum for animal welfare (namely for the Veganuary, i.e. a meat-free January) – and for a sex toy.

The “Tilldo” called “Mic Vibrator” is quite a sex beating: In the standard size it is 23 cm long and 3.5 cm thick. The advertising deal with the sex toy manufacturer is consistently inscribed in the band’s history: The Rammstein album “Liebe ist für alle da”, released in 2009, was available in a limited edition with six plastic dildos.

The successor to the dildo is biodegradable: it is hand-turned from Odenwald spruce wood – as this, according to the advertising promise, adapts perfectly to the body temperature – but also costs 150 euros including batteries.

Ralf Mller and Hannes Jaenicke advertise vegan January

The Veganuary campaign, which is also promoted by Lindemann, takes place in 194 countries – starting from Great Britain – and, according to the organizers, had around 400,000 participants worldwide in 2020, most of them from Great Britain, the USA and Germany. In addition to Lindemann, other German celebrities are also speaking out in favor of a vegan start to the year in 2021: The actors Anne Menden, Jana Pallaske, Hannes Jaenicke and Ralf Moeller are campaigning for the campaign, as are comedian Kaya Yanar and Youtuber Rezo.

Does the last deal fit Lindemann’s image as a scandal rocker? At most partially. TheAnimal welfare organization “Peta” criticized Lindemann sharply when he chopped up fish in a vendor’s tray on his solo tour in 2020 and threw it into the audience.

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David Garrett: Till Lindemann is “just a great person”

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Till Lindemann can also be cuddly

On the other hand, Sophia Thomalla’s ex (31) – who has his portrait tattooed on her left forearm – is known for extreme breaks: The last Rammstein video, for example, went online on a porn platform, but afterwards Lindemann recorded a gentle single with star violinist David Garrett.

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Till Lindemann wrote two volumes of horror poems, “Messer” (2002) and “In stillen Nchten” (2013); In 2014, however, he wrote the completely ironic and non-violent one Cuddly title “I know everything” for Roland Kaiser’s album “Seelenbahnen”.

And the picture and poetry book “Yukon”, published in 2017 together with his buddy Joey Kelly, about a three-month canoe tour through Alaska is anything but terrifying.

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