Without operators: a leading brand aims for the total autonomy of the machinery in the entire field and showed an advance


CNH Industrial presented its latest automation and autonomy solutions at its Tech Day celebrated in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. UU.

New driverless sowing and driver assisted harvesting solutions from Raven (company that CNH bought in 2021)as well as the automation of round balers of Case IH and New Holland offer equipment upgrades automation and autonomy.

“They help to solve the greatest difficulties of the producer: increase productivity and achieve more results with fewer resources, that is, more sustainability”, they highlight from CNH when presenting the latest technological advances that are part of the roadmap for Ag Tech.

“The agricultural sector faces difficulties of time, costs, limited operating windows and a shrinking workforce. Autonomy will be embedded in the operations of farmers everywhere,” he says. Derek Neilson, president of the Agriculture arm of CNH Industrial.

“We are convinced that autonomy and automation technologies are essential for the future of agriculture. They cover all segments of agricultural production and bring real benefits”, he adds.

Harvesting solution with driver assistance

Is new automation technology for the tractor platform draws on our Case IH brand harvesting technology and integration with Raven Autonomy. It offers a coordinated control function for the driver-assisted harvesting solution to determine the path and speed of the tractor, pulling the grain wagon alongside a combine in ‘dump-as-you-go’ operation.

Driver-assisted harvesting solutions keep the tractor perfectly synchronized with the combine unloading grain, giving the combine operator fluid control of the unloading process. In this way the entire operation is more efficient, with less grain loss in the process.

“Our technology helps address the shortage of skilled personnel by simplifying tasks. It also provides a better user experience by causing less fatigue. This solution will be commercially available with brands Case IH y New Holland“, they explain.

driverless planting solution

The driverless planting solution features advanced experience with Raven Autonomy’s remote control and sense command system, which works without the need for an operator in the cab. The machine can be operated remotely from a mobile tablet. The operator can plan and execute precise and automated tasks with predictable agronomic results controlled from any point.

This advancement combines the Case IH tractor and seedbed with Raven Autonomy to offer an autonomous seeding solution. The Raven Autonomy technology platform offers a flexible and scalable techstack (ecosystem of solutions) for machines. It is a solution that also uses Case IH planting automation for maximum implement and agronomic control. The result is increased productivity with consistent agronomic performance and deeper data analysis.

Major automation advances from Case IH and New Holland continue to accelerate with the continued integration of Raven.

Bale packing automation

also presented the industry’s first baler automation in balers New Holland Large Squares, with new technology that uses a LiDAR sensor to scan the density, volume and direction of the swath ahead.

The tractor and baler then use that information to automatically control direction, ground speed, and baler adjustments to ensure the baler follows the windrow accurately for optimum performance. exact crop feeding. The result: optimized bale shape, higher productivity, operator comfort and lower fuel consumption. Case IH will also offer the baling automation function.

Milestones of automation and autonomy technology in the field of work

CNH highlights a proven track record of advanced technologies in our agricultural equipment. Earlier this year, at the fair Farm Progress Show of Boone, Iowa, USA, Case IH and Raven introduced the industry’s first autonomous spreader, the Case IH Trident™ 5550 applicator with Raven Autonomy™ (driverless spreader solution).

Meanwhile, both New Holland and Case IH combines offer best-in-class combine automation, and the Case IH Patriot and New Holland Guardian sprayers come equipped with application control automation.

“We are on our way to achieving full autonomy. We focus on offering a Autonomous techstack covering all production cycles of the crop segment immediate sale: crop preparation, planting/seeding, crop care, harvesting, hay and forage. By focusing on automation and autonomy we are not withdrawing producers from their work, but making your machines more productive with functional automation”clarifies ParagGarg, head of digital products at CNH Industrial.

“Our goal is to make the precision technology in our equipment so smart that the customer can focus on agricultural production and let CNH Industrial do the rest.”

At CNH Industrial we are Opening new paths to help solve the real problems of farmers by offering additional value through automated and autonomous solutions.

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