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UFC hopeful Alice Ardelean earns $10,000 a month on the adult platform. Jealousy and claims.

The MMA fighter Alice Ardelean he had to move gyms after the couples of the fighters he trained with complained about his page OnlyFans.

the fighter of 30 years trains at Ronin MMA in Birmingham, UK, and was forced to move into the gym after receiving hateful comments from the wives of her former training partners.

She opened an OnlyFans account for finance her dream of becoming a UFC fighterbut her tell-all posts led her to her old gym.

Ardelean earns $10,000 a month on OnlyFans.

What the fighter with an OnlyFans account said

“I used to train at a gym when I started OnlyFans and kept getting ‘dirty looks,'” she toldl Daily Star.

“I even got some messages from wives of guys at the gym saying ‘you’re such a whatever’ and calling me names. They were afraid their husbands would sign up,” she continued.

And he went further with a justification: “I was forced to move gym to avoid all this drama. Actually, the only reason I joined OnlyFans was so I could pay my training, nutritionist and gym equipment every day”.

“This is just my job and I’m not interfering with his work. It’s not my fault if your husband was on my OnlyFans or not,” he justified.

Alice Ardelean is Romanian and is 30 years old.

Alice Ardelean is Romanian and is 30 years old.

Earning of $10,000 a month

Transylvanian he earns about 10,000 a month from his OnlyFans postsa far cry from the 600 he used to get while working as a security officer.

According to the British portal, it was a frustrating 2022 campaign for Ardelean as his fights for EFC in South Africa and Battle Arena in Northampton were canceled due to opponents pulling out.

the fighter born in romaniawho has a 7-5 record, is scheduled to challenge for the EFC strawweight title in March.

Alice Ardelean dreams of becoming a UFC fighter.

Alice Ardelean dreams of becoming a UFC fighter.

She is currently riding a five fight win streak, stopping debuting Jenny Line in less than a minute.

Ardelean even once fought the current UFC strawweight champion Zhang Weiliand his last loss was against the Chinese star.

mma training

For more than a decade the woman has been training MMA, and she just started in the sport after being harassed about her weight.

They harassed me because I was a little chubby. I started doing MMA about 12 years ago because the guys were aggressive and I was afraid someone would hurt me.”

Ardelean says that when she was younger she was “bullied because of the weight.”

And take the opportunity to laugh at a paradox: “Now I am known in MMA throughout the world and popular for having one of the bigger and rounder butts”.

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